Are You Financially Ready to Buy Hunting Land in Texas?

Buying recreational land has always been a smart investment. Especially so for those who want to hunt on their own hunting land in Texas. Purchasing hunting land in Texas is a great idea for hunters and outdoor hobbyists like fishers, off-roaders, and more. If you’re thinking about buying hunting land in Texas, ask yourself a few questions to determine if you’re financially ready. 

What’s Your Total Budget and Down Payment for Buying Hunting Land in Texas?

When it comes to making any purchase, but land especially, you need to know the maximum amount of money you want to spend in total. This means the list price, but also taxes, maintenance, closing costs, and if you want to build on it. It also means the down payment. If you’re able to find a bank to finance your hunting land purchase, they’ll usually want somewhere between 10-20% of the list price as a down payment. 

Do You Want To Buy Hunting Land That’s Ready or Do You Want to Invest More?

When you’re looking at hunting land for sale in Texas, you’ll want to figure out if you want land that is ready to hunt on. Or do you want cheaper land and then invest to improve it over time? To save money, the latter option is the way to go. Plus, with each investment and improvement (adding structures, food plots, roads, trails, or ponds), the property will increase in value. But not everyone has the time to invest in their purchases, which is why buying hunting land that’s ready is a popular option. 

Ekdahl Real Estate can help you find properties to invest in and hunting land that’s ready. We can show you both options to help you decide what fits better in your lifestyle and budget. Contact us today!

Do You Want Housing on Your Texas Hunting Land?

house on texas hunting landFollowing the same line of questioning as above, you’ll need to decide if you want hunting land with housing already on it or if you’ll invest in it later. If you want to build housing on the land, then you need to ensure you can. This can help make the search process easier if you’re specific about what you want. 

If you want to invest in housing on the hunting land, then you’ll need a different list of criteria. You’ll need to figure out if utilities can be installed or are already installed. Adding utilities to a property can be the most expensive investment to make as it requires heavy machinery. If you’re thinking about installing a water or septic system, you’ll need to pay for land tests. Maybe save yourself time and money by purchasing hunting land with housing and utilities. 

Your Ekdahl real estate agent can help you find both types of hunting land and help you decide what the better option is for you. 

Do You Want To Improve the Hunting Land?

road on hunting landEven if you bought land with housing and utilities, we know our clients like to customize their hunting land to their liking. This can range from maintenance to additional improvements like adding trails or a pond. When you choose to buy with Ekdahl, you’re also getting access to our local connections to help with your improvements.

You’ll also have to think outside the box and think about changes in the land itself. What about fallen trees or erosion? Do you want to add food plots to attract wild game? Do you want to add roads? As we mentioned earlier, adding investments to your hunting property will improve the land value. But at a minimum, you should maintain the hunting land so it can retain the same value. 

How Much Will Taxes Cost?

You should create an estimate for property taxes as it will be an annual cost. They’re calculated based on a percentage of your assessed land value. This means the more land you have, the higher your taxes could be. But this is county and area-specific, so you’ll need your Ekdahl real estate agent to help you estimate just how much property taxes can range. 

If you’ve answered these questions and are ready to Buy Hunting Land Texas contact us! Or maybe you have a few questions about buying hunting land, we can help