Prepare for Deer Hunting Season in West Texas

It’s summer now, but deer hunting season is around the corner. In West Texas, deer hunting season begins on November 6th and some argue it’s the best month for deer hunting. Here are some tips to prepare for deer hunting season in West Texas and how you can increase your chances of a successful season by owning Deer Hunting Land for Sale West Texas

Get Your License

Be proactive in the off-season months and get your license and paperwork lined up! Proper preparation will ensure you’ll get your tag before opening day, meaning you can relax and focus on the other important elements of the season.

Check Regulations

Ensure you’re checking regulations before you head out to avoid fines and miscommunications. The Texas Parks & Wildlife regulations page covers statewide bag limits, the definition of a buck, special antler restrictions, tagging a deer, and more important information to know before the season begins. 

Secure Your Spot on Private or Public Land

If you have a go-to spot every year that’s on private land, ensure you have a good relationship with the landowner. You can get on their good side by stopping by for friendly visits before the season starts, offering to do chores, or sharing your meat. 

If you’re opting for public land, you’ll need to do your research to scout out a good spot. Find topographic maps and aerial photos of the hunting area to find natural funnels, possible deer beds, and escape routes. You’ll also want to scope out the area to see where other hunters will enter the area. 

Buy Deer Hunting Land For Sale in West Texas

If you want to avoid all of this prior planning and hard work, you should look into buying deer hunting land in West Texas! As the landowner, now you’re in control of the land and your hunting experience. You’ll even have people coming to you to ask for your permission instead as the hunt has come right to your front door! Plus, with owning deer hunting land in West Texas, you can turn this property into an investment and financially benefit from deer hunting season this year. This can mean turning your property into a short or long-term rental or offering deer hunting guides to groups. 

If you’re in the market for buying deer hunting land for sale in West Texas, you’ll need land with lots of vegetation to attract deer. Almost 75% of a deer’s diet is natural vegetation. A good rule of thumb is setting up half an acre to two acres within 100 to 200 yards of a deer bed. Whether you want to buy deer hunting land overflowing with vegetation, or land that’s prime for planting and maintaining a food plot, Ekdahl Real Estate can help you find the perfect location!  

Why Buy Deer Hunting Land For Sale With Ekdahl Real Estate?

We’re knowledgeable in West Texas properties, so we know hunting is an important factor many of our clients consider before buying property. It’s part of understanding your goals as part of the buying process with Ekdahl. Our experience and knowledge can help you discover your ideal property. From there we move forward with recommending properties to match your needs and goals. Then together, we will view properties together. Once you find the deer hunting land for you in West Texas, we negotiate the best deal on your behalf and help you with the closing process. But it doesn’t end there! Our last service to you is being your resource for making your property your own. We can provide you with resources and recommendations to find contractors, set up utilities, and whatever else you need. 

If this sounds ideal to you and you’re ready to view deer hunting land for sale in West Texas, contact us!