Deer Hunting Land for Sale

If you’re in the market for deer hunting land, you know that finding the right property can make or break your hunting experience. Cut through the noise and get straight to the essentials with this down-to-earth, fact-based guide on what to look for when considering deer hunting land for sale.

Hunting Pressure

Image of a deer stand to convey what to look for with deer hunting land for sale - ekdahl nelson real estateWhen you’re looking for deer hunting land for sale, it’s important to consider the hunting pressure in the area. If there’s a high activity of hunting in the area where you buy land, it can alter deer behavior and make them more nocturnal and elusive. Whenever possible, talk to neighboring landowners or local hunters to get a sense of the hunting activity in the area.

Habitat Quality

Deer thrive in areas where there are diverse habitats to graze, shelter, and hide. Your realtor at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can help identify deer hunting land for sale that offers a mix of forests, open fields, and water sources that can attract and sustain a robust deer population. The land you buy should include dense cover for nesting deer and their fawn, food sources, and fresh water availability. When there’s a wider variety of habitats, you have a greater chance of enjoying successful hunts on your own property.

Location Matters

When it comes to deer hunting, location is key. Look for deer hunting land for sale that’s known for having a healthy deer population. It’s also wise to check local hunting regulations, talk to local hunters, and consider the proximity to your workplace or your primary home. In other words, a property that requires a long drive might not be practical for regular hunting trips.


An often overlooked but crucial aspect of choosing the right deer hunting land is its accessibility. Consider how easily you can get to your property and navigate through it. You may need an easement from a major road or a neighbor’s to access your property. It’s also vital to be able to maneuver through the property on trails or a dirt road to make the most of your hunting trips.

Size of the Property

Bigger isn’t always better, but the size of deer hunting land for sale does matter. A larger property provides ample room for deer and other wildlife to roam and directly increases your chances of finding a prime hunting spot. You’ll also have more space to build deer stands and hunting workshops. It’s important to consider the overall condition and quality of the land. A smaller, tidy property with good infrastructure is usually a better choice than a large property that’s unkempt and difficult to manage.

Surrounding Land Use

The areas surrounding any deer hunting land for sale may have an impact on your ability to hunt. Farms, manufacturing, or residential developments can significantly affect deer movement and their behavior. In an ideal situation, you want a hunting property that’s close to like-minded land use. For instance, it is typically a good idea to be close to other hunting properties that hunt other game besides deer, such as doves or quail.

Property History

Before you fall in love with deer hunting land for sale, it’s important to dig into its history. If it’s previously been used for hunting, find out the general success rate. You can also look into known issues, such as trespassing or poaching, that could impact your ability to hunt. Talking to neighbors or locals may shed light on what to expect.

Water Sources

A good-quality water source is essential for both deer and hunters. You need deer hunting land for sale that comes equipped with a reliable water source, including ponds, streams, or natural springs. If there are freshwater streams and ponds all around your property, deer might pass through it, so you won’t necessarily need a source of your own water. Otherwise, you’ll need to look into the costs of a third-party water supplier to keep wildlife coming back to your property.

Soil Quality

Deer hunting land for sale with high-quality soil supports vegetation, which in turn attracts deer to your property. Ask your agent at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate about any existing soil test or arrange to have one done to understand the property’s composition and fertility. The right soil quality is also essential if you plan to raise livestock or run a hobby farm.

Future Development

A serene, remote property can feel like a dream property, but it doesn’t always tell the whole story. Your agent at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can look into any plans for future development or alert you to signs that building could be imminent. If too many homes and commercial properties come in, you could shatter your hopes of finding a quiet place to hunt where deer are plentiful.

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