Dove Hunting Land for Sale

Dove hunting land for sale is popular in Texas, specifically in the Western region, including Abilene. If you want to make the most of your favorite pastime, you can own your own land and hunt for doves for sport, or you can have an evening supper of dove breast for a high-protein, free-range meal. The team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate isn’t just real estate agents; many of us are also avid hunters with deep connections in the West Texas area. Whether you want a property to monetize or enjoy living on your own hunting land, we can help.

Ready to take the next steps towards ownership of dove hunting land for sale? Here’s what you should know about what to look for and how to make it a worthwhile investment for you and your family.

Choose Dove Hunting Land for Sale with Ample Acreage

Hunting enthusiasts know doves are strong fliers that enjoy large, open areas. As a general rule, hunting land and fields that are around 10 acres attract flocks of doves and birds. However, you can still enjoy good hunting on a property that is significantly smaller, provided you make the land as inhabitable as possible for doves. If you do choose a more expansive ranch property, you also have the potential to attract white-tailed deer and other wildlife or raise your own cattle and livestock.

Or Go Small for a Family Hunting Experience

If you plan to hunt periodically with your family, you don’t necessarily need rambling, expansive acreage. You can enjoy a small, quiet property and look for doves that pass through the area. Think about your goals and how you plan to use your property beyond hunting. You may want land to build on, pitch a tent on, host friends, or hold onto as an investment to pass down through the generations.

Plant the Right Vegetation

Doves prefer specific types of vegetation and fields that aren’t always popular with other types of game. Minimal ground cover and low vegetation are usually the best options for doves. You can also foster more dove activity by planting:

However, if you’re looking at properties that also attract white-tailed deer, you could consider Egyptian Wheat to keep them from eating the dove’s food source. This type of wheat less desirable to deer but still a tasty food source for doves.

Look for a Reliable Water Source

Water is among the most important factors in attracting doves and other wildlife. Open fields that already have a water source are more likely to attract doves. However, doves aren’t big on lush, bushy vegetation and don’t always want to water with too much ground coverage around. Look for ponds with clean edges, mud flats, or bird baths and water sources throughout your property. It’s also wise to put out fresh dishes of water when you plan to hunt to entice doves looking for a break.

Earn Extra Money By Leasing Your Dove Hunting Land

Investing in dove hunting property for sale can be a lucrative endeavor while helping fund your mortgage. Once your property is up and running with a reliable water source, open fields, and appropriate vegetation that attracts doves, you can look into leasing your land to groups.

The amount you can earn depends on the hunting season, available dove population, attractiveness of your land, and other considerations. For example, you may want a property with enough room for ample RV parking, camping, or the ability offer accommodations. The team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can help walk through your options to figure out the best ways to monetize the property based on the property and current hunting trends.

Why Work with Ekdahl Real Estate?

Are you ready to take the next step and look for dove hunting land for sale? Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate offers a unique customer-focused experience that transcends the typical real estate transaction. Our team works, lives, and plays in the communities we represent and has deep connections with eager buyers and sellers. Contact the Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team to discuss the best dove hunting land for sale today.