Hunting Farms For Sale

Are you looking for hunting farms for sale? The right property can provide a food source for your family while creating additional revenue streams to ease the impact on your finances. However, not all properties are suitable for farming or hunting, let alone both activities combined. Work with the Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team to explore the best hunting farms for sale that meet your needs and budget. Here’s what to know about investing in hunting farms and how to take the next steps toward your investment.


Having a small hobby farm and hunting pass-through wildlife on just a few acres is possible, but most people look for properties ranging between 25 and 50 acres or more. But even a few acres would work if you hope to hunt mostly smaller animals, like turkeys and rabbits. The larger the wildlife you want to hunt, the more space you need for hunting.

Depending on your goal, you can usually get by with less land for farming. Most people need at least 5 acres of land per person to be self-sufficient, provided there is an adequate water source or irrigation and good soil quality. If you want to make money from your farm, 5 acres could still work, but you would need to carefully plant smaller crops. Raising livestock on your farm also requires additional space. The general rule of thumb is that you need at least one acre per cow and two acres for a cow-calf pair. In an ideal world, you have as much acreage as possible to farm and hunt to make room for all your activities with room to roam.

Water Source

You need an adequate water source when looking for hunting farms for sale. A pond, lake, or stream is ideal, but you still need the ability to irrigate your soil. A water supply of 5 gallons per minute will usually supply a small farm with livestock, but sprinkle irrigation goes up to 10 gallons per minute or more. You may need a third-party water supplier to supplement your property, adding to operational costs. Keep in mind that if wildlife treats your property as a pass-through, you may still be able to hunt with a smaller water source.

Soil Quality

West Texas has many different soil types, including sand and loam soil mixtures. Loamy, textured soils are desirable for agricultural pursuits as they’re easy to cultivate and produce productive crop growth. However, starting a farm and getting the soil quality right from scratch is not always easy. Buying an existing farm that’s already proven to grow specific crops is often your best bet for already-nourished soil.

Existing Structures

Hunting farms for sale should also come with viable structures that enhance the property. You need livestock pens, fencing, a hunting workshop, and a shed to help keep everything operational. Having these structures already in place could be an asset, but it could also add to your time and expense if they’re not already in good working order. In some cases, it may be best to have your realtor at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate help negotiate the property to leave room in your budget for the structures while reducing your overall mortgage.

Ability to Lease

What are your long-term goals when looking for hunting farms for sale? If you want to make a profit from your land, running it isn’t the only way to earn from it. You could also lease the property to hunting groups or a farmer to achieve your goals. Some properties already come with existing leases or relationships that could make it easier to reach your goals. For example, it could prove profitable to designate an area as a campsite, RV parking, or build guest quarters to expand upon your revenue stream and turn your land into a profitable venture.

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