Types of Hunting Land For Sale Callahan County

Hunting Land For Sale Callahan County can be a worthwhile investment of your time and resources. It’s important to find property that suits your lifestyle needs. You may decide to live on the property year round or only use it as a vacation getaway. From ranches to rural land, here are some of the properties you can expect in Callahan and more about the area.

What Types of Improved Rural Properties are Available?

Hunting land for sale Callahan County offers the best of both worlds between rural living and updated amenities. Some of our properties include livestock on the property. The previous owner of Hawk Hill Ranch runs 30 to 40 cow-calf pairs year-round.

Hunting property should offer options to hunt on your vacations or move in permanently. A three bedroom, three bath apartment in the barn and remodeled mobile home can house even more guests with two RV hookups. Mesquite and some Oaks, with Hackberry and Elm trees offers shade for the dove, turkey, feral hog, and Bob White quail roaming on the property.

See a video of some of our hunting land for sale Callahan County spanning over 400-acres here.


Should I Purchase Farms and Ranches for Hunting?

Hunting land for sale Callahan County can be found in ranch and rural properties outside of Abilene. You’re still a few hours from Dallas Fort Worth and Midland without compromising the peace and quiet you’re looking for. Beat the summer heat with mesquite tree shade for your family, as well as wildlife habitat.

Farms and ranches usually come with fencing, although they need to be checked for age and condition. Cross-fencing is often available on ranch properties.

Wildlife is the main draw for hunters looking for their own private oasis. Deer, turkey, and feral hog hunting are common in hunting land for sale Callahan County. Beyond the hunting land and wildlife, a residence is necessary to take advantage of year-round hunting. Some properties also have hunting cabins with a kitchen space and outdoor cooker to turn the property into a weekend escape. Another option is to use the existing cabin and updating its structure.

What Types of Multi-Purpose Residential Space Are Available?

Multi-purpose property can serve as a hunting property, workshop, year-round home, getaway, or rental property. Depending on your lifestyle goals and size of the property, you have flexibility to turn your hunting land into a country oasis.

Look for properties with native oaks for shade, water wells, and electricity to make the most of your hunting your property. Some options may include metal shops, equipment storage, work areas, and manufactured homes to take care of all your needs.

Want to see more? Watch this video on hunting land for sale Callahan County to see what types of property are available.

Is Hunting Land for Sale Callahan County a Good Investment?

If the hunting land you find is in good condition, hospitable to wildlife, and has at least well water and electricity, it is typically a good investment. However, you want to make sure you’ll be able to fully enjoy the land whether you live on it or visit periodically. It’s also wise to consider whether or not you can build on the land for future purposes to further your return on investment.

Why Work with Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate?

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate offers full real estate services in farm and ranch, recreational, residential, and commercial properties. We’ve been in operation since 1980 and offer customers in West Texas  an exceptional buying or selling experience. Our staff has deep knowledge of the area and are involved in the West Texas community.

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