Hunting Land for Sale Jones County

If you’re looking for Hunting Land for Sale Jones County you need a team who understands the market and outdoor lifestyle you’re dreaming of. The family-owned Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate firm is a leader in the West Texas area. We know avid hunters need the right property to attract and house the right wildlife. Whether you want to live on your land year-round or want a weekend getaway, we can connect you with the right listing. Beyond hunting property, we also offer ranches, residential, and commercial opportunities for our West Texas clients.

Buy Hunting Land for Sale Jones County TX

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate loves working one-on-one with clients to find their ideal hunting property. We can also search for land with game prep workshops, single-family homes, and other structures. We also take into account your budget and long-term goals to find a suitable property for you. Not sure how to get started and narrow down your choices? Here are some of the things you should look for when buying hunting land for sale Jones County TX. 

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Some people get stars in their eyes about buying hunting land for sale Jones County TX and overlook issues like location. Make sure the distance to your year-round property, town, relatives, or workplace are reasonable and a worthwhile trade-off. Miscellaneous expenses are also a factor. When your hunting land isn’t your permanent residence, you may end up spending money on lodging, food, and gas to get to and from the property. However, if you want to live on the property year-round, think about whether the area offers the lifestyle and amenities you’re looking for.


A hunting property may be stunning and incredibly convenient, but not offer the vegetation required to sustain area wildlife. When you buy hunting land for sale Jones County TX, look for properties offering low-hanging trees, shrubs, leafy vines, or other vegetation. Oak nuts and hickory trees may also provide the nutrition source deer need to thrive on your property. Beyond deer, think about what your favorite game eats and whether or not your property can grow it and attract the wildlife you’re looking for.

Fresh Water

Water is also crucial to keep livestock on your property and properly watered. Before you decide to install a pond or other source, research the costs involved. It may be worth increasing your real estate budget and buying a better property. You also don’t need a full pond on your hunting property; healthy streams that aren’t prone to drying out will also suffice.


When you buy hunting land for sale Jones County TX, you shouldn’t have to worry about neighbors being on top of your property and providing the privacy you’re looking for. However, you need to consider more than how close your neighbors are. Find out if they also have fresh water and food sources on their land that will attract wildlife. It’s also helpful if you know if they’re also hunters and whether or not they use rifles or a bow and arrow. 

Hunting Amenities

Hunting amenities may also make or break the enjoyment of your property. Increase your property’s ROI with a hunting lodge, workshop, and single-family home to make it more comfortable and functional. Some ranch properties in the area also blend a residential home, hunting amenities, and enough land to raise your own livestock for a multi-functional property you’ll be proud to pass down through the generations.

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Buy Hunting Land for Sale Jones County TX

Jones County is an ideal community to settle in and enjoy a hunting lifestyle. The county is home to nearly 21,000 people who enjoy a rural lifestyle and embrace the great outdoors and hunting. Keep an eye out for dove, duck, wild turkey, white-tailed deer, quail, goose, and more right on your property. You’ll love hunting for your evening supper, or host friends and family for a weekend of fun. Many of the hunting properties Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate represents has been in the same family for generations. 

Why Work with Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate?

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate isn’t your average broker looking for a quick transaction for your hunting property. We focus on nurturing local relationships and helping our clients fulfill their dream of home and hunting land ownership. We’ve built a strong network of buyers and sellers and have insights few other brokerages can offer. As a family-founded and tight-knit business with proud Texas roots, we’re ready to help you find hunting land for sale Jones County TX. Contact us today.