Benefits of Buying Hunting Land For Sale in Throckmorton County

Texas has 1.2 million acres of public hunting land, plus more land for private hunting. If hunting is the ultimate game and passion for you, then bring the animals to you with your own hunting property! Here are some of the benefits of buying Hunting Land for Sale Throckmorton County.

two people hunting on land for sale in Throckmorton county

1. Bring the animals to you

Throckmorton County game ranges from native animals like deer and dove to exotic ones like alligators and javelinas. To get a sense of when hunting is the most active in Throckmorton County, here was the 2021-2022 hunting seasons for each animal:

A hunting license is affordable in Texas at only $25 for Texas residents and $7 for seniors and youth under 17 years old. 

2. Throckmorton County has the best hunting gameBenefits of Buying Hunting Land For Sale in Throckmorton County

Throckmorton County is just north of Central Texas, meaning it borders part of the Hill Country. The rolling hills of the Hill Country are home to the biggest concentration of whitetail deer in the state. The hunting in this county makes for plentiful game and easy terrain. Besides deer, Throckmorton County is home to game like doves, turkey, hog, quail, and more!

3. Hunting land can be an investment

Your hunting land in Throckmorton County can be an investment too! During the off-season for hunting, you can easily convert your hunting property into a rental. This way you benefit from hunting, whether in season or not. Families would love a property that has nature right outside the door and neighbors with the native animal life. 

Besides renting it out, you can utilize your hunting land to build a hunting empire. With hunting land in Throckmorton County, you can become a guide, outfitter, or even build a hunting lodge! The possibilities are endless. Just don’t forget to purchase your hunting lease license if you intend to lease hunting rights to another person on the property. The cost of the fee will depend on the acreage of the property. 

4. Throckmorton County has a lot to offer

Besides hunting, Throckmorton County has a lot to offer its residents. Popular outdoor activities include The Old Jail Art Center, Old Post Office Museum-Art Center, Flying A Car Club, and the World’s Largest Wheelbarrow! Throckmorton County also has a lot of history. Visit the Fort Griffin State Historical Park, Whiteside Museum of Natural History, or Fort Belknap for your local history fix. 

If you’re ready to buy hunting land for sale in Throckmorton County, we can help! We know how overwhelming the buying process is but with our market knowledge, expertise, and experience, we simplify the process. By understanding your goals, we help find you the hunting land of your dreams in the least amount of time for the best value! We find properties for you to view and once you choose one, we close the deal and help get the most out of your new property by providing local resources. If you’re ready to buy hunting land in Throckmorton County, contact us!