What to Look for in Hunting Land For Sale West Texas

If you’re looking for Hunting Land For Sale West Texas you can find luxury to modest properties that fit your budget. West Texas is home to a rich array of wildlife with plenty of opportunities to hunt on your own land. If you’re unsure of where to start, here’s what to look for in hunting land for sale West Texas.

Canyon Access and Views

Hunting land can encompass a variety of typography, including canyon area. The Caprock Canyon area of Texas is stunning and filled with resident wildlife. The unique landscape creates protection and habitats for game animals. Some ranches and hunting areas will also include added roads to access the bottom of the canyon and difficult to reach areas. Elevation changes are also common around canyons, from rolling hills to drops. The variety leads to unique vegetation, including mesquite and cedar that breaks off into the canyons.

Expansive Acerage

When looking for hunting land for sale West Texas, it’s essential to think about the size. You need enough acreage for wildlife to thrive and re-populate after heavy use. It’s possible to live nearby public hunting areas or find your own land with hundreds of acres to explore. Larger properties are also ideal if you want to ATV, fish, kayak, and enjoy landscape views in inclusion. Of course, a large property requires more upkeep and should already come equipped with fences along the road for privacy and protection.

What to Look for in Hunting Land For Sale West Texas

Home to Local Wildlife Species

Hunting land should provide an opportunity to hunt the animals you enjoy most. White-tailed deer are common throughout West Texas, but most hunters usually want variety. Ask about whether or not the land has a history of housing mule deer, feral hogs, and audad. Avian wildlife is also plentiful around West Texas but requires suitable land to thrive. Turkey and quail hunters can source wildlife directly on their property.

Proximity to Ponds or River

Game animals need access to water sources to thrive on your hunting land and stick around. Look for land with proximity to ponds and rivers to keep animals close by. Fishing on your own property also complements a hunting lifestyle, with West Texas providing opportunities for largemouth and white bass, blue and channel catfish, crappie, and sunfish. Ask about ponds, rivers, or lakefront hunting land for sale West Texas to complete your dream property.

Access to Amenities

Depending on how close you are to other towns and cities, your hunting land may come with few amenities. Rural water is often standard, and some areas also need an electricity update for your land. If a luxury hunting lifestyle is vital to you, make sure to locate a property that has all of the amenities you want or be willing to invest the time and expense. Other landowners are enthusiastic about getting off the grid and have no problem bringing in the amenities they want. There is no right or wrong decision, but it depends on your lifestyle and the conveniences you’re looking for.

Room to Host Friends and Family

Hunting land for sale West Texas comes in all shapes and sizes. A small home on your land often comes at an affordable price tag and could be ideal for a hunter who values their solitude. Other property comes with expansive homes, ranches, and ranchettes with multiple buildings on-site. Depending on your budget and intended use of the land, you may benefit from hunting land with a main home, guest house, workshop area, and plenty of space to prep, cook or store your game.

If you’re looking for hunting land for sale West Texas, contact the Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team. We have years of experience in the West Texas area helping our clients buy and sell the residential, ranch, and hunting properties.