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Hunting is a pastime that’s passed down through the generations. It’s a source of fond memories and pride in finding the best game in the West Texas area. Instead of taking weekend trips, imagine coming home to your own Hunting Properties Throckmorton County. When you work with the Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team, we help you find the best hunting properties, ranches, residential and commercial opportunities for our West Texas clients.

Buy Hunting Properties Throckmorton County

Hunting properties offer incredible ROI, a legacy for your family, and bring your dream lifestyle to reality. Whether you want acres of woods or a combined ranch and hunting property, Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can help you find the perfect hunting properties for you. If you’re unsure where to get started and how to maximize your budget, here are some tips on what to look for when buying Throckmorton County’s hunting properties. 

 Pond - Hunting Properties Throckmorton CountyLocation

Location makes or breaks your experience with hunting properties Throckmorton County. You want an incredible piece of land, but it also needs to be convenient. If your land is for recreation and not year-round use, you want to consider if you’re close enough to enjoy it. Consider how far you’ll need to drive and whether or not you’ll need to pay for accommodations. However, if you live on the property year-round, ask yourself if the commute to work is worth it and if you want to be in a rural area or near a town.

Area Neighbors

Who you’re living around is also an important consideration when browsing Throckmorton County’s hunting properties. How close you want to live to someone’s house is just one part of the decision-making process. It’s also essential to consider if your neighbors offer a water source or vegetation. When your surrounding neighbors are also set up to sustain wildlife, you’re more likely to have a thriving hunting environment. 

Water Source

Without a water source, it’s almost impossible to sustain game on your property unless one is located nearby. Installing a pond yourself is pricey and cumbersome. It often proves cheaper to raise your real estate budget to buy a different property that already offers everything you need. A small stream is also sufficient for most hunting properties but should still be researched to see where its source comes from, if it’s prone to flooding and how often it dries up during a drought. 


Wildlife needs vegetation to thrive and continue grazing on your land. When you buy hunting properties Throckmorton County, look for properties offering low-hanging trees, shrubs, leafy vines, or other vegetation. Look at the vegetation shown on your ideal property and whether or not your game will eat it. If the food source is scarce, it may still be sufficient for game if neighboring properties also offer vegetation.

Hunting Amenities

A hunting property should also offer the amenities you need for an enjoyable experience. Look for properties with hunting workshops, prep areas, and single-family homes to increase your ROI and enjoy more functionality. Some ranch properties in the area also blend a residential setting with a home, hunting amenities, and enough land to raise your own livestock for a multi-functional property you’ll be proud to pass down through the generations.

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Buy Hunting Properties Throckmorton County

Throckmorton County is home to under 2,000 people and contains the cities of Throckmorton, Woodson, and Elbert. At just 1.66 square miles, Throckmorton is a cozy community in West Texas. Hunting seasons attract hunters looking for dove, duck, goose, javelina, quail, teal, wild turkey, white-tailed deer, woodcock, and other game.

Why Work with Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate?

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate isn’t your average broker looking for a quick transaction from your hunting property. We focus on nurturing local relationships and helping our clients fulfill their dream of home and hunting land ownership. We’ve built a strong network of buyers and sellers and have insights few other brokerages can offer. As a family-founded and tight-knit business with proud Texas roots, we’re ready to help you find hunting properties Throckmorton County. Contact us today.