As a ranch broker, we have seen a lot of dirt over the years. Every property has something unique. The views – of course – are always a sight to take in, but what amazes us is when we realize only a handful of people have ever experienced it; because the property has been in the same family for over a hundred years, or only a handful of individuals have ever owned the land. Regardless, the number of people can probably be counted on two hands.

However, what makes each property even more unique are the stories they hold. From tall tales of the old west to cowboy stories and hunting legends, the stories are what really make a property a special place.

It is our privilege to hear the stories from the landowners. In an effort, to make sure those stories are never forgotten we started our first video series – “If This Dirt Could Talk.” We hope we do the stories justice, and we are grateful to the families and individuals who have graciously entrusted these stories to us.

Our first ten episodes come from Stonewall County, Texas on the J.D. Patterson Ranch. Butch Nuding, a fourth-generation rancher, tells us stories from his time on the ranch and how the ranch came to be. We will be dropping episodes every week. Be sure to be following our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and LinkedIn pages to catch them as they release.

We are just getting started with this project. We will be featuring even more stories and tales from West Texas, beyond the Patterson Ranch, too.