How To Increase the Value of Your Land

Whether you want to figure out How to Increase the Value of Your Land or build on its ROI, you need the right approach. Maximizing the value of your land is an essential part of creating an investment or passing it down as a legacy property through generations. Ekdah Nelson Real Estate specializes in land, ranches, farmland, hunting properties, single-family homes, and more throughout West Texas, Abeline, and Stamford. Land is in high demand, and taking the time to make improvements could dramatically improve its asking price. Here are a few places to start.

Clear Out Your Land

How To Increase the Value of Your LandCleaning out your land can have a dramatic impact on the value of your property, especially if it’s overgrown with brush, shrubs, weeds, and dilapidated structures. But if you want to position your property as desirable hunting land, you will need some brush and shrubs to provide shade and a food source for area wildlife. If your property is large enough, you could also increase its value by turning it into a private hunting lodge or ranch to rent out to groups. Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can talk through your options to optimize your land’s value and ensure you’re approaching it through a buyer’s lens.

Create Trails for Recreation

Expansive properties benefit from the use of paths and trails. Four-wheeling is ideal on a large ranch to add more utility and functionality to the property. But even a smaller tract could benefit from recreational trails for a stroll, ATV recreation, or horseback riding. Simply adding a trail from your back porch to a deer workshop or pond also gives your property a more inviting feel.

Provide Good Access

Land needs good access to attract buyers. Depending on its use, you may need to clear out a more reliable gravel path or pave a driveway. If your property is in a remote area, your property may not be accessible except by foot. You could need to secure an easement through an existing property to gain access. Remember to account for access to various points on your property. A large piece of land could benefit from entry points from multiple locations, especially if it’s surrounded by major roads.

Add or Upgrade Fences and gates.

Depending on the best use for your property, adding or upgrading fences and gates can help you figure out how to increase the value of your land. If your land is prime for livestock or farming, buyers appreciate properties in good shape with reliable fencing to maintain their livestock. However, if you want to attract buyers who want to hunt, make sure the fences don’t deter wildlife from passing through your property.

Implement Drainage Systems

When you want to know how to improve the value of your land, drainage systems can help. Soil thrives with the help of good surface and subsurface drainage. The results could produce better crops and healthier shrubs and trees. Studies show that yield increases could increase by 15% to 25% with adequate drainage tile systems. However, it doesn’t come without its drawbacks. It’s important to know the project is expensive to execute and may not be necessary if you’re not planning to market your ranch as a farm or self-sustaining property.

Add Utilities

Land without utilities may still be desirable to buyers, but it won’t attract the same level of attention. This may not be important if you’re strictly thinking about positioning the land for hunting. However, attracting a more diversified group of buyers requires good infrastructure, such as utilities. Buyers aren’t always willing to invest the time and money to do it on their own and are likely to spend more on turnkey properties. Talk to the team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate to discuss the options to help maximize the value of your land.

Work with Ekdahl Real Estate

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