Land For Sale Anson TX

Are you looking for the best land for sale Anson TX? More than just a piece of property, your land investment should be a legacy you can invest in, pass down through generations, or build your dream home. The land you buy should also consider your long-term goals. Whether you want to hunt or grow a hobby farm, the team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can help find the right property for you.

The agents at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate offer a hands-on, boutique real estate experience to help you find the property you’re looking for and make the most of your investment. Here’s what to consider before buying your next piece of land.

Reasons to Buy Land for Sale Anson TX

Aerial image of Anson Land for Sale - Ekdahl Nelson Real EstateAnson is a small, tight-knit community in the South Texas area that roughly 2,400 people call home. Locals are full of Texas pride and love their community. With a low cost of living and small schools, Anson is the idyllic location for a small, quiet town but it is still close to Abilene. If you need to make a trip into the city, you’re less than 25 miles from Abilene for amenities, nightlife, shopping, and dining.

The team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate is here to help you think through your long-term options and dream property. We work with an established network of buyers and sellers for a hands-on, boutique real estate experience.

Focus on the Long-Term Goals for Your Land

There’s that old saying that you can buy a home, but you can’t buy more land. If you’ve always dreamed of owning land for sale Anson, TX, as an investment, it’s wise to consider how the property can best be used. You could consider monetizing your property for hunting by leasing it to an area group or hunters. Or you could look at established farms with proven soil quality, irrigation systems, and a success rate for growing specific crops. We’ll also talk through options, such as parking an RV for the long run while building a new home.

Consider the Future Development of the Area

Anson’s community is growing slowly and although you won’t see the kind of development you’ll find in the city, you should still consider potential development in the general Anson area. Do you want a slow-growing area with ultimate peace and quiet? Or are you hoping to invest in land that will appreciate and turn into a higher ROI? Our team can talk through whether you want to live close to schools or amenities or stay as rural as possible.

Look Into Infrastructure and Utilities

Land For Sale Anson TX - Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate

Some land for sale Anson, TX, is raw and undeveloped, which can be a win, depending on your goals. But it’s important to consider how your goals align with the current infrastructure and utilities you currently need. If you need utilities, purchasing undeveloped land means applying for easements and working with the county to secure the resources you need.

Land investors dreaming about raising livestock or growing a farm also need to consider what type of fencing, natural water sources, and terrain are required. Or, if you love to hunt, you’ll need the right type of vegetation and shade to attract and accommodate white-tailed deer, hogs, quail, doves, and more.

Secure a Land Map of Your Potential Property

A land map can simplify your experience by helping you make an informed decision about your investment. A local surveyor or land registry can supply a map that’s drawn to scale. More than just giving you a good look at your land, a map eliminates confusion and disputes overall, boundaries, existing infrastructure, right-of-way, and encroachments.

Why Work with Ekdahl Real Estate?

Are you ready to take the next step and find the best land for sale Anson TX? The team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate offers a unique customer-focused experience that transcends the typical real estate transaction. Contact the Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team to discuss your vision and how we can help you buy or sell the perfect property for you and your family.