Land for Sale West Texas

Are you looking for land for sale West Texas? Whether you want to own your very own hunting property or a legacy to pass down to your grandchildren, choosing the right land is essential. Beyond the best price possible for your property, you also want to ensure it aligns with your lifestyle and long-term goals. Learn more about what to look for and how to plan your next investment. 

Look Beyond the Listings

Ranch Land for Sale Abilene TX - Ekdahl Nelson Real EstateStart your real estate journey by looking over the best listings to find Land For Sale West Texas. However, just because something isn’t listed doesn’t mean it’s not potentially available or may spark some action a few weeks or months down the road. The Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team has deep roots in the West Texas area and has long-standing clients and connections in our communities. We are always cultivating new relationships and looking to connect motivated buyers and interested sellers.  


Any land for sale in West Texas should reflect an ideal location that suits your long-term goals. Whether you want to build, park a mobile home, hunt, or hold onto it as an investment; you need the right property to meet your needs. Consider how close you want to live near a city, whether or not you want a rural property, and whether or not you want neighbors living close by. Everything from available schools to grocery stores and ample wildlife for hunting should factor into your decision to buy land for sale in West Texas.


If you want to hunt on your new property, you’ll need enough vegetation to sustain area wildlife. Beyond enough food resources for deer, there should also be some coverage from the hot Texas heat. Vegetation can also help give more privacy to your property and potentially raise its value. Yet too much vegetation could also be a problem if you want to build. Removing trees, brush, and overgrowth can get expensive and often difficult to remove. 

Water Source

Like vegetation, you need ample water sources to attract deer and other wildlife. The wildlife may naturally wander through your area, providing enough opportunity to start hunting on your land. Consider the additional expenses of adding a well or trying to irrigate the property. In some cases, your property may not need water if a nearby property has it.

Mineral Rights

Mineral rights gives the ability to extract or exploit minerals underneath a property. Many properties come with surface rights, which means you can control what’s on top of the land and what to build on it. Surface rights can also extend to the ability to plant and sell crops or timber, use the surface water, lease the land, or resell it. In some situations, surface rights also mean you can grant the rights to a mineral owner, like an oil or gas company, to use the surface to extract any minerals or oil.

Mineral rights can be very valuable, but it depends on the mineral, location, and whether or not you have the right to produce it. If you find land for sale West Texas with mineral rights, you should speak directly to a realtor or other professional about its value and what to expect when you purchase it. 

Existing Structures

Homes for Sale in Anson - Land for Sale - Ekdahl Nelson Real EstateSome land comes with existing structures, from a single-family home, barn, or hunting workshop. They could prove valuable to fix up or renovate for future use. In other cases, they could hinder the property’s value and require tearing down and removing the debris.

Beyond what’s already on the land, it’s also vital to know what you can build. Check on local ordinances, assess how large the land is for building, and consider whether or not you’ll need to bring in electricity and plumbing or if it already exists. 


An easement is a legal right to use someone else’s land for public or private purposes, but it isn’t always straightforward. Some land in rural areas doesn’t have any existing access, such as a dirt road or driveway. You may need to pay extra to bring in a road or look into securing an easement. You should speak to a lawyer for legal advice on easements; however, in most cases, securing an easement requires proving it’s necessary and not simply a convenience.

Ready to Buy Land for Sale West Texas

If you’re ready to buy land for sale West Texas, you need a local realtor who understands the market and your goals. The team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate is knowledgeable about hunting properties, ranches, farms, single-family homes, and commercial properties. Contact us today to discuss your goals and learn how we can help.