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The world looks a lot different today than it did in 1891 when the J.D. Patterson Ranch was established. The ranch has changed in size over the years, and houses and structures have been added, torn down and rebuilt. But the ranch has stayed relatively the same.


Once your tires turn off the asphalt highway and drive through the main gate onto the gravel road, you are taken back to a simpler, slower time. Mesquites and rolling native grass overwhelm you and it is all you can see. A herd of deer, a roadrunner or a jack rabbit will likely greet you with their wildlife whimsy.  


As your travel across the ranch, the gravel roads become fewer and are replaced with bumpy tire trails. While the roads get worse, the scenery only gets better. Red rock canyons and river forks come together to create a masterpiece only a handful of eyes have ever seen.


These scenes and so much more are what make no place like the ranch. As the Patterson Ranch series comes to a close with the final tenth episode, Butch shares what really makes the ranch the special place it is.