In Episode 3, Butch shares what a typical day looked like when he started working on the ranch. Breakfast with his grandparents is how he started his day, he then saddled up two broncs for his daily prowl of the ranch to check on the cattle grazing in the pastures and inspect fence lines.

The original ranch was 20 sections (about 1,280 acres) and at the ranch’s peak it was 36 sections (about 23,040 acres). It would take all morning with a 6:30 a.m. start just to prowl the west side. He would come back to eat a bite of lunch and switch horses, and then take off to prowl the east side.

Butch would be gone all day on horseback. Of course, some days were uneventful, yet probably very peaceful riding the open range in solitude. But some days, were quite the opposite. Butch tells one story of an encounter with a rattlesnake in this episode. We saved even more of his stories from his daily prowls for other episodes. Be sure to check back to hear about his other prowling adventures.