When you are out alone on the open range, a cowboy’s righthand is none other but their horse. Over the years, Butch trotted quite a few horses. Some were more stubborn than others, and a few left a hole in Butch’s heart when they were gone.

Rojo was one the best horses Butch ever had. He recalls the story of how their paths crossed and Rojo ended up coming home with him. Rojo was so beloved by Butch and the whole ranching crew that he is even buried near the family cemetery on the ranch.

Now some of the other horses had some stubbornness or clumsiness to be worked out of them. Butch shares how he worked with different horses to get them to perform their best, and the unconventional methods he used.

While the word cowboy seems to align more with cattle. Horse and horsemen seem to have a much stronger correlation to a cowboy.