What to Look for in Ranch Land for Sale Abilene TX

Are you dreaming about ranch land for sale in Abilene, TX? When working with Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate, your goals for ranching, hunting, and enjoying your favorite pastimes are always within reach. We help guide you through the process from start to finish to find the best property to suit your needs. Before looking for the perfect ranch, here’s what to know and consider about your next purchase.

Land Quality

The quality of the land is essential for ranchers that plan to grow crops. Before you purchase ranch land for sale Abilene, TX, here’s what to consider about the soil quality:

  • How the land was used
  • What types of crops were grown
  • Soil depth
  • Typography
  • Water availability
  • Soil erosion
  • Type of irrigation

Even if you don’t plan to grow crops, it’s still wise to understand the soil quality. It could impact natural growth or the resale of your property in the future.

Land History

Ranch Land for Sale Abilene TX - aerial view - Ekdahl Nelson Real EstateIt’s essential to look at the land history of any ranch land for sale in Abilene, TX. Look at the history of how it’s been used in the past, especially if you plan to raise livestock.

You should know what type of livestock fares the best on the property or how many generations of animals thrived. The more you know about the history of the land, the better decision you can make about your investment.

Local Zoning Laws

Depending on the ranch’s area, local zoning laws could prohibit home building, land use, or existing easements. You want to ensure the zoning aligns with your long-term goals and keeps you in the clear of fines or penalties. Speak to your realtor about any possibilities on your mind, including hunting and building a deer workshop to make the most of your favorite pastime.

Mineral Rights

Mineral rights allow you to develop or remove minerals below your property’s surface. You may have a right to both sedentary and fluid minerals, including oil, gas, copper, and others. Even if you don’t plan to explore your mineral rights, it’s still worth knowing if they’re available and what to expect. They could prove valuable should you ever resell the property. 

Water Rights

Ranches with a natural water source are crucial to raising livestock and exploring irrigation opportunities. However, you need to know what activities are allowed and who can use the water. In most situations, you should be fine with the water on your property, but you don’t want to find out the hard way that there are issues with your ranch land for sale Abilene, TX.


If you’ve never owned a ranch before, the finances and taxes on an Abilene property are a consideration before moving forward. Depending on your tax status and how you plan to use the property, you may need a loan from an agricultural lender and qualify for tax exemptions. For example, wildlife exemptions may also be available. The offset in costs could mean you can afford a larger property than expected.

Existing Structures

Ranch Land for Sale Abilene TX - pool - Ekdahl Nelson Real EstateWhat kind of existing structures are on the property? You may feel enthusiastic about building, but it’s essential to consider the time and cost restraints. Supply chain issues and rising mortgage rates are impacting the economy, and it may prove too big of a commitment to try and build a house. Instead, look at a more significant price point to find a ranch with an existing home and make modifications as needed. 

Workshops, sheds, deer stands, swimming pools, and pool houses are also worth exploring. Are they dated and need work? Will they bring enjoyment and value to your property? Work with the Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team to understand the full scope of the ranch land for sale in Abilene, TX, you’re looking for.

Recreational Opportunities

You may have found the perfect ranch land for sale in Abilene, TX, but does it check the boxes for the recreational opportunities you enjoy? Consider whether or not you can entertain guests, hunt, raise animals, or watch the sunset from a covered porch. Your home and land are an investment, but it’s also something to savor and enjoy for years to come.

Potential Upkeep

Do you enjoy a quiet, laid-back lifestyle or always need a project? Owning a ranch land is perfect for someone who loves being involved in their property and making the most of their ranch. There’s always something to do, from tending to livestock to tending to crops or cutting back natural growth—factor in the potential upkeep and associated time and expenses before making your decision. 

Ready to Look for Ranch Land for Sale Abilene, TX?

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