Ranch Land for Sale Abilene

If you’re considering purchasing Ranch Land for Sale Abilene you need the right property to meet your needs and maintain the value of your investment. Before you start hunting for the perfect property, here are a few essential considerations to keep in mind while searching for the ideal property.


The location of your ranch land for sale Abilene is essential to your access and enjoyment of your property. For example, is the property located near amenities such as shopping, schools, healthcare centers, and shopping centers? You should also consider if the ranch is accessible by road and if the road is well-maintained. Depending on your preferences, you may want a rural ranch property far away from any urban amenities. Or you may want the best of both worlds with a secluded ranch within a short drive to downtown Abilene.


The size of the ranch impacts the price and comfort of your property and how it affects your needs. You may want expansive acreage for roaming wildlife, raising livestock, riding horses, and growing a small hobby farm. A smaller ranch may also prove desirable for its lower upkeep and labor demands.

Water Rights

The types of rights a ranch comes with could prove valuable and raise the selling price. Does the property have access to water, such as a well or irrigation rights? Depending on your needs, you may want full water rights to maximize your property’s functionality and future value.

Soil Quality

When you purchase a ranch, you probably want to do some planting and farming to ensure quality vegetation for wildlife and livestock. A soil test can help determine the type of agriculture or livestock you plan to raise on the property. In some cases, soil can be improved but will likely prove challenging. Instead, it may also be worthwhile to increase your budget than deal with trying to fix poor soil quality.


What do you want in the topography of your ranch? Do you want to ride horses over hills, take challenging walks, and watch the sunset over mountainous areas? Or do you prefer flat, expansive terrain that is easy to keep up and maintain? The topography of your ranch will directly impact how you can use it and the ongoing maintenance required.


Ranch land for sale Abilene may come with the buildings and infrastructure you need for a successful experience. Consider whether you want a forever home, hunting workshop, shed, deer stands, or farm. Some ranches are also big enough to build a guesthouse and enjoy rental income or more space for guests. Beyond the buildings themselves, you may also need a fence or well to improve the overall infrastructure and keep your livestock safe and watered.


Finding an expansive, generational ranch for sale Abilene is usually expensive but offers a rewarding experience and a generational piece of land for you and your family. The budget for your ranch should include maintenance costs and any upgrades or additions to the infrastructure you want to make.

Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

The right real estate agent can help you find the ranch land for sale Abilene you’ve always wanted. Whether you want a ranch, hobby farm, hunting property, or residential home, Edkahl Nelson Real Estate can help determine the best property for your needs. Our team is active in our communities and deeply connected to area buyers and sellers.

Ranch Land for Sale Abilene

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