Ranch Land For Sale Kent County

Ranch Land For Sale Kent County is a desirable choice for anyone looking for solitude and a quieter way of life. The area is home to hunting, fishing, and star-filled nights. Learn more about the area, what property types are available, and how to work with Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate to secure the ranch land you’re looking for. 

Where is Kent County, Texas?

Kent County is nestled in West Texas and is the county seat of Jayton and is also home to Girard. The area shares boundaries with Dickens County, Garza County, Stonewall County, Scurry County, and Fisher County. Kent County spans 903 square miles and features rolling, broken terrain.

Kent County acreage at its finest with large acreage neighbor. Paved road frontage provides great access for you to enjoy the rolling terrain throughout The Grove.

History of Kent County

Kent County was named after Andrew Kent, who died while defending Texas during the Battle of the Alamo. After the Comanches were driven from the area by the U.S. Army in the 1870s, ranching developed and territories were organized. The early 1900s brought the Stamford and Northeastern Railway across the northeast corner of Kent County.

As the county developed, more economic opportunities arose to bring more wealth to the area. Kent County saw a boom in economic activity when oil was discovered in 1946 and has produced multi-million barrels of oil.

Why Move to Kent County?

With a population of roughly 750 people, settling into Kent County is ideal for its privacy, space to roam, and sizeable property options. The area is known for its quiet tranquility and is one of Texas’ wholly dry counties. Residents can still enjoy alcoholic beverages in the comfort of their homes, but the county does not sell beer, wine, or liquor.

Types of Ranch Land For Sale Kent County

Ranchland for sale Kent County will vary depending on the market demand and season. Look for properties with hundreds of acres for hunting opportunities. Shade and water access are also a must for wildlife looking to roam and settle into your property. A permanent residence, hunting lodge, or multiple structures on the property are also available.

Lifestyle in Kent County

Locals enjoy a slower pace and laid-back lifestyle around Kent. In such a small county, it’s common to know everyone by name, whether you’re headed to the market or sitting on your front porch and greeting passersby’s. Gather friends and family for a day of hunting on your ranch land or savoring the solitude during a sunset.

Quail hunting is also a popular pastime around Kent County, with Native Bobwhite quail, mule deer, and feral hogs. Beyond hunting, locals go fishing to catch their supper or join annual events like Winterfest and Summerfest. Towns in the county include Jayton and Girard, although the norm around Kent County is rural land.

Industry in Kent County

Despite such a small area, the Kent County economy enjoys a profitable oil and gas operations industry. Agricultural opportunities in the country range from cotton to wheat and sorghum. The county also offers employment in government services, agribusiness, and hunting leases. Depending on the type of ranch land for sale Kent County you find and financial goals, you can also generate income through hunting leases and accommodating guests.

Kent County/ Dickens County Ranch for Sale

Why Work with Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate?

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