Ranch Land For Sale West Texas

Are you looking for Ranch Land West Texas for Sale? The right property is more than its price and size, it also aligns with your ideal lifestyle and long-term ambitions. Whether you want to turn it into a thriving farm or keep it as a hobby ranch to pass down through the generations, we can help. The Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team is deeply rooted in the West Texas community and is an expert at helping buyers find the perfect ranch for their needs. Here’s what to look for in your search and how the agents at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can help.


The best ranch land for sale West Texas for sale should be in an area you love and see yourself living there long-term. You may not mind living off a busy road, provided the majority of your property and ranch home is set back and secluded.

Or you may want a ranch in the middle of nowhere to enjoy the vast, open landscapes of Texas. You should also consider if you want a ranch within close proximity to a city for dining and amenities. The school district, distance to your workplace, and how far you want to live away from family are also considerations.

If you’re not sure where to start, our team can help you talk through the options and determine what makes the most sense for your investment. We’re here to find a ranch that exceeds your expectations and serves as a legacy for your family.

Recreational Outlets

When you live on a ranch, you want terrain that accommodates your idea of fun. Whether you want to off-road, go horseback riding, or swim in a private pool, you need terrain that aligns with your goals. You may want some diversity in your terrain, including rocky areas or open areas. Or some shrubs and brush to accommodate wildlife for hunting. Many ranches in West Texas attract white-tailed deer, turkey, quail, and other wildlife.

If you plan to hunt, an existing deer workshop or room to build one is often an attractive option for buyers. Deer stands and sheds are also a good idea if you plan to hunt long-term.

Areas to Raise Livestock

Raising livestock is a unique aspect of owning an expansive ranch. Beyond housing a few goats and chickens in your backyard, a ranch can accommodate cattle and other livestock that can provide food or an income source for your family. Adding existing structures, including a pen, barn, and fences, can add to your overall budget. You may want a turnkey, done-for-you property for your livestock or build it yourself. The general rule of thumb is an acre and a half per cow, but it depends on the other animals you plan to raise and the setup of your ranch. Discuss your vision with our team to help find a property that accommodates your needs.

Abundant Water Sources

If you want to raise livestock or attract wildlife for hunting, any ranch land for sale West Texas needs a fresh water supply. Finding ranch land for sale West Texas with a pond or stream is ideal, but you can also look into a third-party supplier to help with your needs. However, you may also need an updated irrigation system if you plant or farm, which can also drive up your ongoing costs. Speak to an Ekdahl Nelson real estate agent to discuss what type of ranch property you need and how it will accommodate your long-term plans.

Soil Quality

Starting a hobby farm from scratch comes with its challenges, including viable soil quality. You need the right ph levels and acidity for your crops to flourish. It’s often cheaper in the long-run to buy a property with an existing farm that’s already been fertilized with the help of regularly rotated crops. The Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team can discuss ranches and farms with available soil tests to find a suitable property to meet your needs.

Existing Leases and Easements

You may discover ranch land for sale West Texas has an existing lease or easement, but it could still be a good thing, even if it’s a minor inconvenience. An established hunting lease may provide an existing stream of revenue for your property. An easement could be as simple as allowing utility companies to enter the property or allowing a neighbor to access a dirt path to the main road. Regardless of the situation, you need an experienced real estate agent who can find the best solution for your needs.

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Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate helps clients navigate their real estate journey with a boutique experience and hands-on approach. Since 1980, we have loved serving our clients and helping them connect with the wide-open spaces of West Texas. Ready to find ranch land for sale West Texas? Contact us today to discuss your dream property.