What to Know About Real Estate in West Texas

Are you looking for real estate in West Texas? Ekdahl Nelson offers a wide range of properties to choose from to suit your needs. We live, work, and play in our communities and have a robust network of eager buyers and motivated sellers. Learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you find your dream property.

Hunting Properties

hunting properties for sale in West Texas - real estate in west texas - ekdahl nelson real estateReal Estate West Texas offers wide-open spaces and opportunities to hunt on nearby public land or your own private property. Whether you want to hunt for white-tailed deer, turkey, quail, duck, or other game, we can help connect you with the right listing or properties about to come onto the market.

Our selection of hunting properties ranges from rural to lying on the outskirts of the city for optimum convenience. Choose land with room to build, existing structures, or a turnkey property that’s ready for you to move in and enjoy eating your freshly caught supper.


A ranch is an incredible opportunity to enjoy the solitude and surround yourself with the comforts of nature. Ride your horses alongside a creek, hunt for deer, go fishing, and grow your own food source from your own ranch.

Look for properties in the West Texas area with expansive homes or guest cottages to entertain your friends and family through the years. A family ranch is also the perfect property to pass down through the generations or keep as an investment property. However, if an expansive ranch doesn’t align with your goals, we also offer smaller ranchettes with everything you need to find your forever home.

Single-Family Homes

When you start to outgrow your house, it’s time to look for real estate in West Texas to accommodate your family. Our listings for single-family homes include fixer-uppers, recently renovated, and a secluded oasis. Choose to live in a rural area with top-notch schools to get back to basics or enjoy the heart of the city with all the culture and amenities you want. Whatever you need, Edkahl Nelson Real Estate works with you to find a house that feels like a home where friends and family gather. 


farm in West Texas for sale - Real Estate in West Texas - Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate.jpegThere’s nothing like an expansive West Texas farm to grow your own food and raise livestock. Whether you want to grow cotton or raise chickens to enjoy fresh eggs, our team can help connect you with properties that help fulfill your dreams. Depending on your needs, your farm could also include a swimming pool opportunity to hunt or sell your own crops as an additional revenue stream.

Ekdahl Nelson offer properties that are ideal for farms, such as our H&H Pecan Farm that is currently available. Browse through our popular pecan farm property listing here.

We know it can take time to find the perfect farm for you. Connect with the team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate about your needs and what water sources and soil quality is available. 

Commercial Properties

When you want to run your own business, you need the right real estate in West Texas to achieve your dream of entrepreneurship. Some of our listings are unique, like a water holding facility to sell water to nearby oilfields. Or buy commercially zoned buildings to hold your office, rent to small businesses, or take over a licensed assisted living facility. There’s always a place to house your ambitions.

Next Steps

Are you ready to buy real estate in West Texas to meet your investment goals or long-term dream? Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate offers boutique services where we treat clients more like family. We offer more than just a transaction and are focused on a seamless customer experience that focuses on relationship building and trust. With deep roots in our communities, our team can help you find hunting land, a farm, a single-family home, or a ranch. Contact us today to discuss your needs!