Residential Land for Sale in Abilene, TX – 5 Tips You Should Consider Before Buying

Finding Residential Land for Sale in Abilene is easy with Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate. will allow you to search for houses and land parcels within the city of Abilene, as well as all the surrounding areas of Taylor County and West Texas. 

What should you consider before buying residential land? When you are thinking about buying land, it is good to remember that the land you buy should be of great value to you. Whether for a new hobby or to build a community for yourself and your family, there are a number of things you need to consider before taking the plunge. 

Here are 5 tips that will guide you and help make your decision much easier:

Facts About Abilene, TX

As of the first quarter of 2020, Abilene’s population stood at 125,182. The city is growing at a rate of 5% annually and this is evident in its real estate market, with Residential Land for Sale in Abilene being the most popular on West Texas real estate listings. 

The city’s main industries include construction, manufacturing, education, health care, and retail. There are also several colleges located within the city limits such as Abilene Christian University and McMurry University. Around one-third of the city is covered in parks.

Consider the Purpose of The Land

When you’re looking for residential land for sale in Abilene, TX, the first thing you should consider is the purpose of the land and how it will fit into your future. The most common uses for residential land in Abilene are recreation and investment. 

Recreation use entails activities like hunting, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, and camping. Investment use includes purchasing the land for future resale at a profit. 

If you’re looking to purchase acreage for recreational or investment purposes, it may be best to choose a property that is located close to Abilene or one of the nearby communities of Clyde or Merkel. This will provide you with easy access to your land as well as the amenities these cities offer.

Zoning Laws in Abilene TX

Before you commit to buying any piece of land, it’s important that you check with the local government about zoning restrictions and easements. If zoning prevents homeowners from doing what they want with their property, they’re likely to have trouble finding new buyers or reselling the property in the future. Likewise, easements on your property can restrict how it can be used or developed in the future.

Make sure that the plot of land you’re looking at is zoned both as a residential area and as a place where you can construct a home or business. If it’s only zoned commercially and not residentially, then any structures you build on the property would need to be commercial. 

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Property Taxes in Abilene TX

One of the biggest costs of owning land is property taxes. This varies widely from one location to the next, but if you’re purchasing a piece of land with an existing structure, you can sometimes get an estimate from the previous owner. 

Residential Land for Sale without a building will have lower taxes than land with a house on it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always cheap.

You should also look into flood insurance and other types of hazard insurance that might be necessary.

Utilities on Property Land

Once your home is built, how will it be powered? Where will your water source come from? You’ll want to find out how your home will gain access to water, electricity, gas, waste, and even phone or cable. 

This is especially important in remote locations where the cost to hook up to municipal utilities can be expensive. You’ll want to get in touch with the water and utility companies before putting in an offer on the land to find out what the costs would be to connect water, power, waste, and other connections.

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate Can Help You

There’s no better way to ensure the home you buy is fully customized to your liking than to build it yourself. But your first step is to buy some land to build on, and that doesn’t come without its own set of tasks. 

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