Texas Farm Land For Sale

When you’re looking for Texas farm land for sale, you need a dedicated team who understands farm, ranch, and agricultural real estate. The team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate helps you realize your dream of farm ownership with deep knowledge and connections in the community. Learn more about what to look for in your purchase, creative financing options, and the hands-on, boutique experience at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate.

Look Into Alternative Financing Solutions

Texas Farm Land For Sale - Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate.webpIt’s possible to secure unique financing for farm properties. If you’re new to purchasing Texas farm land for sale, AgFast can be used for a variety of loans for land and equipment. There’s minimal work involved and fewer requirements on the buyer’s part, which often proves simpler than a traditional mortgage.

Talk to the team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate to discuss your options. We have deep connections in the farm community and can connect you with a reputable lender.

Consider Your Soil Quality

If you’re focused on the agricultural opportunities that a farm offers, you need good quality soil. Although you can work to improve the soil quality, it’s often easier to choose a farm that has a track record for successfully growing specific crops. Talk to your real estate agent at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate about Texas farm land for sale with existing soil tests and a long-standing history of successful farming.

Look Into Water Access

Without proper irrigation and water access, it’s almost impossible to get a Texas farm off the ground. Bringing in third-party water is an option, but it needs room in your ongoing operational budget to work. It’s less stressful in the long term if you have ample water access from the start. Aside from how it impacts watering your crops, you also need enough water for your livestock and roaming deer or wildlife you hope to hunt.

Make Sure Your Livestock Has Room to Roam

If you plan to raise livestock on your farm, you’ll need adequate space for grazing. For a small farm with greenhouse plants and a few crops, half an acre could work for your needs. A larger hobby farm or commercial operation with livestock may require at least 10 acres. As a rule of thumb, you need about 2 acres of land per cow to feed them for the year. However, experts also recommend no more than two cows per acre for healthy pasture land.

Think About Purchasing a Multi-Purpose Property

What does your ideal property look like to you? Living sustainably may require a quiet, secluded farm without so much acreage that you need hired hands. Or you may want to ranch and raise dozens of cows, ride horses, ATV, and hunt on your own property.

The team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can talk through your vision and what you want your property to include. From a ranch home to a deer workshop and livestock pens, we’ll help you find the right Texas farm land for sale for you.

Analyze Your Farm’s Monetization Potential

Are you looking to offset the costs of your Texas farm land? Depending on the property, you may be able to open it to hunting groups. Or you could consider offering horseback riding lessons or an area to camp. Everyone’s goals are different and will impact the property you choose. There’s no right or wrong answer, but you want to make sure the land you choose and financing options align with your long-term goals.

Align Your Vision with the Right Property

The goal of purchasing Texas farm land for sale is to align your vision with the right property. Do you want to start and end your day on the front porch, go hunting, not worry about your crops, and enjoy raising a few pigs? Or maybe you want a thriving cattle business that grows along with your family. Regardless of your answer, you need a property that enhances your lifestyle instead of causing stress. Work with the team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate to talk through your ideal day and identify the must-haves for your investment.

Why Work with Ekdahl Nelson?

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate offers a unique customer-focused experience that goes beyond the typical transaction. Our team works, lives, and plays in the communities we represent and has deep connections with eager buyers and sellers. Contact the Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team to discuss Texas farm land for sale.