4 Important Qualities Our West Texas Real Estate Agents Have

Choosing a real estate agent for West Texas property is an important decision. This person will help you find your future home and life. A big decision should be made by a qualified professional. There are certain qualities a real estate agent should have and it’s the same qualities our West Texas real estate agents have too. 

Our West Texas Real Estate Agents Are Problem Solvers

Our real estate agents solve all your problems with their experience and knowledge. Our Ekdahl team wears many hard hats as a real estate agent. We are your salesperson, advocate, analyst, consultant, and more. We use our many skills to help our West Texas clients find the best property for their needs, budget, and lifestyle. 

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Our Real Estate Agents Are Determined

Ekdahl real estate agents don’t give up! We are driven to find our West Texas clients the perfect property. First, we understand your goals to determine what your ideal property is. Next, we use our database, connections, and market research to give you all the options. Then, we work with you to view properties on your schedule. Our West Texas Real Estate Agents are flexible and give you the time you need to view each property. Once you find the perfect place, we help close the deal and negotiate for the best deal. Lastly, we’re determined to make your new West Texas property your own. We offer resources like our contracts and contacts to help make improvements, set up utilities, and any other needs you may have. 

Get determined West Texas real estate agents on your team today! Jennie and Bernt Rhymes said, “Each time, John listened to our goals and found the right property at the right price.” 

Our West Texas Real Estate Agents Are Strong Communicators

When you hire a real estate agent, you want a strong communicator because things move fast in the real estate industry. What could be for sale today might be gone tomorrow. As strong communicators, we ask questions to make sure we understand our clients and their needs perfectly. Not only do we ask questions, but we listen to the answers our clients give us too. 

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Ekdahl Real Estate Agents Are Knowledgeable

We mentioned previously how knowledgeable our West Texas real estate agents are, but it deserves its own paragraph too. Ed Ekdahl started Ekdahl Real Estate in 1980 with a downtown square in Stamford, Texas. Then in 1996, his son John graduated from Texas A&M and began as a sales agent. Since then, he’s helped grow the business by recruiting several real estate agents, earning his broker’s license, and expanding Ekdahl to Anson, Abilene, Aspermont, and Stamford in West Texas. 

So not only is our team knowledgeable in real estate but specifically in West Texas. As we’ve expanded our offices into West Texas, we’ve become experts in the areas we’ve spread across. If you hire a friend or relative and think you’re doing them a favor, you’re really missing out on local knowledge, and experience, and could be costing you more. Knowing how to compete in a competitive West Texas market is crucial in getting the property of your dreams. 

But don’t believe us! Our client testimonials are proof of how knowledgeable and experienced our West Texas real estate agents are. Heath said, “John is very friendly, very knowledgeable on the land and its features, good or bad, unlike most real estate brokers.” Eric agrees and said we have a “knowledgeable team of professionals that work hard to understand your desires and locate the property of your dreams”. 

If you’re ready to have West Texas real estate agents as your real estate resource, contact us! We’d be thrilled to help you find the West Texas property of your dreams.