Buy Hunting Land Abilene

When you want to buy hunting land Abilene, you need more than just a property. You want a long-term investment that supports your goals and dreams. Before you make a purchase, learn more about what essential questions to ask and how to take the next steps toward your dream of land ownership.

Can I Build a Home or Other Structures?

When you buy hunting land in Abilene, you can reimagine what’s possible for your long-term vision. Ask your realtor if you can build a home on the property to live year-round or what structures currently exist. If nothing is on the property, you may want to invest in a deer workshop, small lodge, or other structure to make the most of your investment.

You want a hunting property that endures and grows with you, not limits you from moving forward as you raise a family, retire, or enjoy it as a vacation property. The type of terrain your hunting property is on also impacts what you can build. You want to make sure it will provide a sound foundation for building, even if it’s not on your immediate wish list.

What are the Food and Water Sources Like?

Knowing what the food and water source is like before you buy hunting land Abilene is critical. Deer and other wildlife won’t stick around for long without appropriate water and food that’s sustainable. However, it’s possible your neighbor’s property may provide the sustenance area game needs before passing through to your property.

The type of game you want to attract also matters. Whitetails prefer grazing on woody plants that grow year-round. Deer also enjoy nuts, berries, and grassy vegetation. 

Is There Shade and Shelter?

Wildlife needs shelter and shade for a comfortable life on your land. When you buy hunting land Abilene, ask about what vegetation is available and whether or not there is a mix of thick brush and tall grass to hide in. Swamps, pine trees, and other sheltering environments also appeal to deer and other game. 

You also need to know what structures are available near any shady areas that help you stay camouflaged. Some hunting land also comes equipped with deer stands and areas to set yourself up for a great shot.

What Types of Roads are Available?

ranch in Abilene - Land For Sale Taylor CountySome hunting land is remote or is surrounded by other properties. You may need an easement for the right to install a road to get to your property. Or the property you’re interested in may already have an easement.

Depending on the nature of the easement, it could actually save you money in the long run. Working with a knowledgeable Abilene realtor experienced in hunting properties is essential to help you navigate the landscape and find the right fit for you. 

Can I Turn My Hunting Land Into a Business?

Texas deer hunting ranches can help pay your mortgage in a few ways, starting with charging hunters a daily guide fee. You can charge between $200 to $300 just for the right to hunt on your land. A kill fee is also highly profitable and depends on the rating the deer receives from the Boone and Crockett rating system, which takes into account the size and configuration of the deer’s antlers. The starting kill fee is about $1,500! 

How Close is the Hunting Land from Abilene?

Abilene is a booming little city with abundant job opportunities, a low cost of living, and a bustling downtown. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want to buy hunting land Abilene that’s as far away from the city as possible. Or you may want a property just minutes from town and enjoy the area’s dining, attractions, and cultural options.

If you want to turn your hunting land into a business, you could benefit from quick access to Abilene to make it more appealing. You could consider building structures or offering camping opportunities to travelers looking for an authentic West Texas experience.

Next Steps – Buy Hunting Land Abilene

Before you buy hunting land in Abilene, you need the right real estate team to represent your best interests. Whether you want a place to hunt and relax on weekends or become a legacy for your family, we’re here to help. Ekdahl Nelson Real estate are leaders in the West Texas area and are hunters ourselves. Contact us today to discuss your needs and the next steps to find the best land possible.