Hunting Land for Sale Brown County

Hunting is perhaps the oldest pastime known to man for sustenance, recreation, and sport. Whether you learned hunting from your grandfather or just took it up as a hobby, owning your own land is a dream of many. Instead of paying for a day of hunting or leasing some land, imagine coming home to your own Hunting Land for Sale Brown County. The family-owned Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team is here to listen to your needs and wish list to help you find the ideal hunting property.

Buy Hunting Land for Sale Brown County

Hunting properties allow you to live off your own land and enjoy more functionality to your day-to-day. Enjoy hunting for your supper or hosting friends and family for a hunting weekend. Our team has deep connections in the Brown County and West Texas area to help you find the ideal property for you. We’ll discuss your budget, desired amenities, and what area of the county you prefer to find a location that exceeds your expectations. Before you get started, learn more about what to look for in hunting land for sale Brown County. 

Hunting land for sale Brown County land - Ekdahl Nelson Real EstateLocation, Location, Location

Just like a primary residence or vacation home, location is one of the biggest considerations in choosing hunting land for sale Brown County. Your land should be as convenient as it is ideal. Consider if you plan to live on the property year-round, or will retire one day and move to your hunting land. It’s also important to consider how long it takes you to get to work, another residence, or to amenities like the grocery and hardware store. Your ideal hunting land for sale Brown County could be as remote as possible where you never see a soul. Or you may want something convenient to everything you enjoy, like dining out. Make sure you know what you want in a location to ensure you only see the best hunting land for sale Brown County to meet your needs. 

Hunting Property Amenities

Consider what type of amenities you want for your hunting land for sale Brown County. Our team of realtors can look for hunting properties with workshops, a hunting lodge, or an updated home. Some properties in the West Texas area also offer a blend of hunting and ranching opportunities to create a setting you’ll want to pass down through the generations. Whether you want to raise your own cattle or fish on your hunting property, Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can help find the right listing for you. 

Running Water Source

Local wildlife needs a reliable, clean water source to come to your hunting land and stay. You may decide to raise your budget in order to get the perfect land and water you want instead of trying to create it yourself. A small stream may also be all you need to sustain your favorite hunting game. 

Available Vegetation

You don’t need property that sustains an entire garden, but the local wildlife does need a food source. Consider what type of low-hanging trees, shrubs, leafy vines, or other vegetation you need to keep grazing wildlife happy. You may be able to add some of your own or look to undeveloped land or other properties nearby. They may offer enough vegetation to keep wildlife passing through your own property. 

Your Next Door Neighbors

If your potential neighbors on all sides of you are avid hunters, you should consider how much wildlife is readily available. Will your property be last on the line of a wildlife graze with neighbors getting first shots? Some land owners also want complete rural living where they never see their neighbors. Consider how close you’ll be to the people around you, noise levels, and how easily you can see their homes during winter months when the vegetation is dwindling. 

Why Work with Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate?

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate isn’t your average broker looking for a quick transaction from your hunting property. We focus on nurturing local relationships and helping our clients fulfill their dream of home and hunting land ownership. We’ve built a strong network of buyers and sellers and have insights few other brokerages can offer. As a family-founded and tight-knit business with proud Texas roots, we’re ready to help you find hunting land for sale Brown County. Contact us today.