How To Increase the Value of Your Ranch

Figuring out how to increase the value of your ranch can yield a higher return on your long-term investment for a more satisfying sale. Whether you want to sell your ranch soon or are looking for ways to improve its value as you pass it down through the generations, we can help. Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate specializes in ranches, farmland, hunting properties, single-family homes, and more in the West Texas area. Ranches are in high demand, and making improvements are worth the time and resources considering the potential returns. Here are a few ways to make some simple fixes and upgrades to boost your property value.

Add or Repair Fences and Gates

Making simple repairs to fences and gates or installing them for the first time can instantly add value to your ranch. Buyers want properties that are already in good shape with reliable fencing to maintain their horses, cattle, and other livestock. However, if you’re looking to keep wildlife out of your property, you’ll need to make sure your fences are low enough to deter deer from crawling under and high enough to create a barrier.

Clear Your Land

Cleaning your land is one way to address how to increase the value of your ranch. If your property is overgrown with brush, you may need to remove part of your tree canopy, shrubs, and bushes to make room for farming or livestock. However, to position your ranch as a hunting property, you must leave enough shrubby brush to shade and feed area wildlife. Depending on the size of your land, consider turning the area into a hunting ranch to lease out to private hunters and groups. The Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team can discuss your options and how to market your land for optimal return best.

Create Trails for 4-Wheeling

Consider adding more trails and paths for 4-wheeling on your ranch land. The addition will add more utility to your land with the ability to quickly reach different areas and deal with livestock or crops. However, potential buyers can also look to your ranch trails as an opportunity to ATV and enjoy recreational outlets. Established paths also offer an easy way to walk through your ranch or farm, ensuring kids don’t get lost while exploring. 

Strengthen Your Water Systems

A ranch needs a steady water supply to keep livestock and crops watered. The West Texas heat also demands enough water to maintain healthy trees and vegetation. An upgrade to your water supply could be necessary from a third-party supplier to bring in the water you need. You may need to reconsider where to position livestock and your farmland. In most cases, you don’t want your cattle to walk more than a mile to their water or less over rocky terrain and rough pasture.

Implement Drainage Systems

If you want to figure out how to increase the value of your ranch, it needs good drainage to keep soil healthy and decrease crop drainage. Depending on your land and soil issues, you may need surface drainage, subsurface drainage, or both. Studies show that yield increases could increase by 15% to 25% with properly installed drainage tile systems. However, this is a more complex and expensive project and is probably only necessary if you want to market your ranch as a farm or self-sustaining property.

Upgrade Your Ranch Structures

It’s time to make some upgrades if your ranch home, hunting workshop, sheds, or barn are in disrepair. Depending on how you want to market your property, you may not need to invest in every structure. Focus on making the most necessary repairs, from plumbing to a new roof, to get your structures in shape and increases your property value. If all of your structures are already in good condition, painting your home and tidying up the front of your property for curb appeal can make a difference in how buyers perceive the value of your ranch and increase the sales price.

Work with Ekdahl Real Estate

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