Types of Land For Sale Abilene

If you’re looking for land for sale Abilene, you’ll find a mix of city to country living in Taylor and Jones counties in Texas. Abilene land has plenty to offer hunters, outdoor lovers, and city folks alike. It’s among the top 30th populous cities in Texas, but you can still find the peace and quiet you’re looking for.

Why Buy Land for Sale Abilene?

Abilene is a former watering hole where Chisolm Trail, a major route out of Texas for livestock, met the railroad and eventually turned into a city with over 122,762 people. The cost of living is also lower in Abilene than the U.S. average, and your money goes farther in the region than many of Texas’ larger cities. The area is home to agriculture businesses, some manufacturing, and higher education opportunities at nearby colleges. There are also some cultural offerings in Abilene and a historic district to keep locals entertained. 

Land and home prices are currently affordable in Abilene, but the last decade has brought a home appreciation of over 6.6%. If you’re hoping to find a new home or invest in more land around Abilene, the time to start looking is now. Here are some of the land and properties you’ll find for sale in Abilene. 


Farmland in Abilene can serve as a hobby property or run a small business. Ask about land with a history of growing crops, raising animals, or catering to your vision. You may find a ranch is also suitable for your needs and offers the space you’re looking for. And if you love the farming lifestyle, you can also check-out Abilene’s farmers markets with locally raised beef and produce.


Get more space for your money with a ranch or smaller ranchette property in Abilene. Locals love raising horses and enjoying the privacy of their expansive property. Some land for sale Abilene offers stunning views of the Callahan Divide, ancient oak trees, and elm trees. Take a walk on your property and collect pecans from your own tree for an afternoon snack.

Some ranches can also double as hunting grounds with local whitetail deer, dove, quail, and turkeys. It’s ideal if you can find a ranch with a creek running through it or ponds to support the area’s wildlife and diversity. You’ll end up with a lush property that sustains the lifestyle you’re looking for. 

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Residential homes in or near Albiline are ideally situated to enjoy a suburban or city lifestyle. Situate yourself near the historic district or live on the suburbs’ edges for a quiet oasis from city living.

Some of our listings have included affordable homes with two-car garages, fireplaces, floor to ceiling windows, and large, fenced-in backyards. Abilene is also a family-friendly town with plenty of parks and highly regarded schools. You’ll find plenty of like-minded residents and young professionals living settling into the area to call home.

Commercial Land for Sale Abilene

As one of Texas’ most populous cities, you can find ideally situated commercial property. Some structures are located directly off of major highways or development areas poised for growth. Over the last few years, commercial construction and development have boomed around Abilene. The downtown area has been a significant focus for development and more space in the school system that will likely draw more people to the community.

Whether you need a warehouse for your operations or a highly trafficked retail location, the Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team can help source the commercial property you need. 

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