Land For Sale Haskell County

Land for Sale Haskell County is a dream of many homeowners looking for space and a custom build. Whether you want to spend your mornings hunting or raising cattle, you can find your ideal property in the West Texas area. Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate has deep roots in Haskell County and the surrounding region to bring you the best listings and options to meet your needs. Get started looking for land for sale Haskell County by following these considerations.


Location is everything when it comes to finding suitable land for you and your family. Consider how close you want to live to town or a city, whether you enjoy a more rural lifestyle, and how far you want to drive to area amenities. If you have children, the school they attend should also be a consideration, as well as your commute to work. The location of your property can also be impacted by utilities, whether or not you’re using well water, and if there are any food sources available to sustain wildlife and game for hunting.

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A Buildable Lot

Unless you strictly want to use land for sale Haskell County for hunting or ranching, you probably want a lot that you can build on. Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can make sure you understand the local zoning laws, potential easements, and any challenges to look out for. The land condition and need to clear out any trees or existing structures will also impact your build and add time and expense to bring your goals to life.

Hunting Potential

Depending on the season, you can hunt alligators, dove, duck, goose, quail, wild turkey, white-tailed deer, woodcock, and more in Haskell County. However, you need the right hunting property to sustain your favorite pastime. Land for sale Haskell County should be able to support wildlife with suitable water and food sources. Look for a stream or pound, coverage, and vegetation. It’s also wise to see if your potential neighbors have a food or water source on their property and what type of hunting methods they use.


Your preferences on where you live, build, or hunt could shift depending on your research and area neighbors. You can’t always pick your neighbors, but you can get a sense of who you will live next to before you buy land for sale Haskell County. Assess how close your neighbors will live to your property line and get an idea of what their own land and homes look like.

Why Move to Haskell County?

The quiet community of Haskell County is home to under 6,000 residents. The area was first created in 1858 and the cities and towns of Haskell, O’Brien, Stamford, Weinert, Rochester, and Rule sprung up. There are also a handful of unincorporated communities and the ghost town of Jud in the area. Haskell County residents enjoy a quiet lifestyle with a small-town feel. Some areas of the county include festivals, dining, and a Cowboy Country Museum, with most amenities located in Stamford.

Buy and Sell Haskell County Land with Confidence

Real estate agencies should offer experience and knowledge in their local market to understand the trends and spirit of the community. Ekdahl Nelson has helped hundreds of clients buy and sell property since 1980. We work in commercial and residential real estate in West Texas and land, hunting properties, farms, ranches, and single-family homes. Work with us today to find your land for sale Haskell County.

Why Choose Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate?

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate is a West Texas real estate leader and specializes in providing clients an exceptional buying or selling experience. We’ve been serving clients in the wide-open spaces of West Texas since 1980 and work with the same clients again and again. We would love to help you find your land for sale Haskell County. Contact us today to discuss your dream property.