Ranch Land For Sale Stonewall County

Ranch Land For Sale Stonewall CountyRanch Land for Sale Stonewall County is more than a piece of property; it’s about building a legacy for you and your family. The area is known for its rolling ranch lands and expansive land. Want to see it for yourself? Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate specializes in Texas homes, ranches, farms, and hunting land to find your perfect piece of land. Here are just some of the ways you can use your ranch land and transform it into your dream property.

Build Your Own Home

Some of the properties include hundreds of acres of ranch and farmland that can be developed to your needs. Build a dream home along native pastures or take advantage of existing livestock barns with pens established on your estate. Some of our sold properties include coop water, fencing, and hunting lodges that can be used as a temporary home.

Enjoy Space for Your Dreams

Our portfolio of ranch land for sale Stonewall County for sale features expansive space to run horses and enjoy all the space you could imagine. 7 Diamond L Canyon Ranch features 5,950 acres with 680 acres of improved grasses and pastures. The topography ranges from level to rolling grasslands and rough canyon with Croton Creek and Salt Creek crossing the land to water area wildlife.

Run your horses on the land, or use them as an impressive hunting property. Diamond Ranch is home to whitetail deer, turkey, quail, feral hogs, and predatory animals. The land has also been under the Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP) program for over 12-years, where an owner-approved guide has guided every hunt.

Nurture Your Livestock

Pursue your dream of raising livestock on over 330-acres of native and improved grass pasture and a mix of mesquite and native hardwoods. Check out this property we sold with a livestock barn and pens located on the north end of the property. It features 50-ft elevation changes with Stinking Creek running through the property to rest and water your livestock.

Live in a Charming Community

Stonewall County, Texas, is home to nearly 1,500 people across 920-square miles. The area is quiet, quaint, and everyone knows each other. There’s space to get peace and quiet and take long strolls or go horseback riding. Or gather with family at your new ranch and enjoy large gatherings outdoors.

Get Back to Nature

You’re never far from nature when you live in Stonewall County. The region is home to wildlife, a mix of flat to rolling terrain, and the famous Double Mountain landmark. The two flat summits separated by a visible depression create a gorgeous backdrop in the morning light. The rolling ranch land in the area is cut by the Salt Forks and Brazos River with miles of a scenic river bed. With so much terrain and big sky to soak up, Stonewall County is the perfect place to watch a sunset while sitting on the porch of your home.

Go Hunting

Imagine having your own private hunting land in Texas. Hunting Haven Ranch offers some of the best quail and deer hunting in the area. You’ll also find trophy whitetail deer, turkey, and feral hogs. The ranch already has working electricity, two water wells, and ranges from sand to sandy clay loam. More recent improvements include a Quonset barn with concrete floors, a hay shed, and two cattle pens. For added convenience, there’s a perimeter fence with five-strand barbed wire fencing.

Build a Legacy

Don’t just build a home or a dream; build a legacy. Ranch land for sale Stonewall County provides the opportunity to create the life you’ve been looking for. Imagine retiring and enjoying your time on your ranch before passing it down to generations. You can change the history and security of your family tree by leaving behind a gorgeous property that sustains wildlife, hunting opportunities, and a place to build.

Why Work with Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate takes pride in living out our company’s core values and provides the extra touch of service others don’t. We serve West Texas and operate as a full-service real estate brokerage firm specializing in ranch, farm, recreational, residential, and commercial properties. Contact Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate today to discuss ranch land for Sale Stonewall County.