Real Estate Agency Brown County

Are you looking for a home for a Real Estate Agency Brown County? Work with Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate to find unique homes and properties in the West Texas region. We’re experts in the Brown County area with deep knowledge available properties and a robust network to pull from. Whether you want room to hunt or peace and quiet, our team can help you find your dream property.

Brown County Properties for Sale

Brown County offers various properties from completed homes, historic properties, farms, ranch, and hunting land. There’s something for everyone from budgets big to large. You can also combine your dream property by choosing a piece of land with room to build. Brown County is known for its agricultural opportunities, including wheat and cotton. Deer, geese, and wild hog are popular wildlife options for hunting season.

Can I Build a Home in Brown County?

Yes! Your real estate agency Brown County can find options that leave room to build a new home or hunting facilities. Whether you want to farm your own land, ranch and raise cattle, or hunt every day, you can find a property that suits your lifestyle in Brown County. Get an up-close look at one of our recent farm and ranch properties that features 507-acres with cotton and wheat rotation. This video brings some of our available properties to life.

You can find thousands of acres for sale in Brown County or just enough to live in your picture-perfect home. The options are flexible to meet your needs. Contact your real estate agency Brown County to discuss the type of property you’re looking for and the area you would like to buy.

What are the Property and Home Prices Around Brown County?

Depending on your property size and home, typical home values in Brown County, Texas, are $160,000 or less. That price raises for renovated, expansive homes. Hundreds of acres of ranch and farmland may also run in the $200,000 price range. Brown County, Texas, offers price points to suit a wide range of budgets. Contact the real estate agency Brown County to discuss your needs and property wish list.

What Type of Land and Topography is Around Brown County?

Whether you want to farm or hunt, Brown County’s landscape is suited to satisfy your favorite lifestyle. Residents enjoy rolling areas, drained Brazos River tributaries, sandy loam, gray and black soil, and a lake for recreation and fishing. There’s also an opportunity to grow your own farming business. Brown County’s agriculture business is focused on wheat, cotton, peanuts, and beef cattle.

What is the History of Brown County?

Brown County, Texas was once home to the Penteka native Americans. The area was eventually settled by Welcome W. Chandler from Mississippi in 1856. The primary industry around Brown County was cotton and oil with several hundred fields drilled during the 1920s. Today there are eight cities in Brown County, including Bronwood, Bangs, and Early.

Brown County is laid back with a rural or suburban vibe. Visitors and locals head to historic downtown Brown County and attractions including Lake Brownwood State Park and Brown County Museum of History.

Why Should I Work with Real Estate Agency Brown County?

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate is a leader in the West Texas real estate community and specializes in providing clients an exceptional buying or selling experience. We’ve been serving clients in the wide-open spaces of West Texas since 1980 and work with the same clients again and again. Learn more about our agency with this video:

Ready to find your next home? The team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate would love to help you find your home for sale in Brown County. Contact us today to discuss your dream property.