Real Estate Agency In Dickens County

A real estate agency in Dickens County should offer customized care, deep knowledge of the area, and an inventory of properties to suit your needs. If you’re dreaming of owning your own residence, ranch, or farm, you need experts who understand your unique needs.

Ready to find your perfect property? Here’s what to expect from Dickens County, the types of properties available and wildlife ready for hunting season.

Where is Dickens County, Texas?

Nestled in Northwest Texas, Dickens County is located off U.S. Route 82 and lies 62 miles from Lubbock. The quiet town is home to 2,203 people and boasts a laid-back, small-town community where everyone knows each other.

Types of Properties in Dickens County, Texas

Like much of West Texas, Dickens County features rolling terrain ideal for expansive ranches and farmland. Our properties include hundreds of acres with a hunting cottage or sprawling land to settle in for year-round living.

Buying a new home in Dickens County also offers a private opportunity to enjoy your own hunting grounds or the option to raise beef cattle. A real estate agency in Dickens County understands what makes desirable hunting and farming grounds. Whether you want a luxury ranch with modern updates or a rustic getaway, the team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can help you find the perfect property for you.

History of Dickens County

Dickens County, Texas, was first created in 1876 and was later organized in 1891. The area was named for J. Dickens, who died protecting the Alamo. The Comanches dominated the site before settlers arrived and established farms in the county. By 1910, an influx of new farmers rushed into the area and spurred a cotton boom. Over the years, droughts and technological adaptation in the farming industry have led to a decrease in population. Today, the quaint Dickens County remains the county seat and relies on agriculture and modest oil production.

Landscape in Dickens County

If you want to raise livestock or hunt in the area, you need the right landscape to sustain your cattle and wildlife. Dickens County features sandy, chocolate, and red soil terrain. Depending on where you live, part of the county lies above the Llano Estacado with rolling terrain below. You’ll find a mix of grasses, including side oats and Indian grass that keeps resident wildlife well-fed.

Wildlife and Livestock in Dickens County

A quality real estate agency in Dickens County understands the need for premier access to hunting season. Fortunately, the combination of soil and terrain attracts wildlife and creates a welcoming environment for your livestock. Locals typically raise beef cattle and also run horses on their properties. Crop production is also standard.

Area wildlife turns hunting season into a steady stream of wins. You’ll find whitetail deer, wild hogs, turkey, doves, and predators. Look for ranches and farms with some shade and water sources to attract wildlife and keep your livestock watered.

Find a Real Estate Agency In Dickens County

Work with a family-run real estate agency in Dickens County that cares about customer satisfaction. Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate was founded in 1980 with West Texas pride and a love for helping customers buy and sell their homes. We strive to offer a smooth transaction for both buyers and sellers who want to maximize their real estate experience.

West Texas hunting properties and ranches in the area are rare gems and require the right contacts and strategy to find an ideal location. Our seasoned agents understand the demands of the local market, the beauty of the area, and the urgency of getting settled and enjoying the hunting season.

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