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Choosing the right Real Estate Agency Stonewall County goes beyond finding the best listings and making a transaction. You also need a team that understands the local market and has deep connections in the area. The Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate agents represent residential, hunting, ranching, farmland, and commercial properties in Stonewall County and beyond. We offer more than help with a sale and focus on providing a rewarding experience that connects you with your dream property.

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate Listings

Take a look at one of our listings from Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate for interested buyers looking to take the next step to own their dream property. 

7 Diamond L. Canyon Ranch is located in northwestern Stonewall County and 225 miles west of Fort Worth. Enjoy 5950± Acres, of which 680± acres are in cultivation or improved grasses with the balance in native and improved pastures. This pristine property has been in the same family for three generations and is taken care of by family members. Fulfill your dream of owning a ranch and enjoy a forever property to pass down through the generations. Check out the video for 7 Diamond L Canyon Ranch.

Can I Build a Home in Stonewall County?

Yes! Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate represents a wide range of listings, including empty land and building opportunities. Whether you want to build a forever home or a place to stay while hunting, we can find the ideal property for you. Choose from a variety of options that include room to raise your own cattle or enjoy expansive land with ultimate privacy from your neighbors.

What Kind of Game Can You Hunt in Stonewall County?

If you enjoy hunting, you’ll love owning your own hunting property in Stonewall County. We can also help you find land that offers a food and water source to attract and house local game. Spend your mornings hunting dove, duck, goose, mule deer, quail, teal, wild turkey, white-tailed deer, Wilson’s Snipe, and others. As the sun sets over your property, you can savor your freshly hunted dinner.

What Should I Look for in a Real Estate Agency Stonewall County

Before you pick your next realtor, know what to look for in a real estate agency Stonewall County. Your agent should represent you and your best interests without pressuring you to make a decision. A knowledgeable real estate agent is eager to share their insights while considering your budget and expectations. If you feel your agent is pushy or not listening to your needs, they are not the right real estate agency Stonewall County for you. Learn more about Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate and how our buying and selling process works

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate Testimonial

“The wife and I would recommend John and Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate to anyone looking for ranch land. John worked with us for over a year to find the property that best fit what we wanted. He ended up making good on his word and finding a diamond in the rough. John is very friendly, very knowledgeable about the land and its features, good or bad, unlike most real estate brokers. John still calls and checks on us from time to time, keeping in touch creating a friendship along the way.” – Heath Shubert.

Buy and Sell Your Property with Confidence

Ekdahl Nelson has helped hundreds of clients buy and sell property since 1980. We work in residential real estate in West Texas and farms, ranches, and single-family homes. We also understand our clients’ market and what it takes to close a deal without delays, hassles, or hard work involved. The challenging part is narrowing down your choices to give us your criteria and wish list, and we’ll do the rest.

Ready to find your next home? The Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team would love to help you find your real estate agency Stonewall County.

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