Looking for Residential Property For Sale West Texas?

Residential Property For Sale West Texas Ranchettes

Are you looking for residential property for sale West Texas? You can find a traditional home with just about any realtor, but you need a specialized team if you want to find unique properties from ranches to recreational spaces. The Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team serves the West Texas area and understands that finding your next home isn’t just a transaction; it’s a lifelong experience.

If you’re looking for the best of West Texas to call home, here are some of the property types you can expect to find with Ekdahl Nelson.

In Town and Suburban

Whether you want to live in the downtown Stamford area or on Abilene’s outskirts, Edkahl Nelson can help you find the right residential home for you. Choose from traditional ranch-style homes with shady backyards or an upscale ranchette on expansive acreage. Residential homes in West Texas can be very affordable and offer right-sized living to meet your needs or provide upscale amenities and high-end touches.

An upscale residential home may come with vaulted ceilings and an outdoor entrance from the master bath to the pool. Or ask about updated kitchens and outdoor space for regular entertaining. Whether you’re looking for 55-acres or a small plot of land, Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can help you explore the options and locate the home of your dreams.


Residential property for sale West Texas can also include impressive farmland and expansive country views. Spend your days tending to a garden, raising horses, or developing your own farmland.

Your residential space is also essential to turn your farm into a place to call home. Browse for farm homes with updated kitchens for Sunday supper and enough room for all of your kids, grandkids, or other visitors. Some farms may also include wind turbines or an updated water system to make your new home as convenient as it is comfortable.


Ranchland is well within reach when you’re looking for real estate in West Texas. Some of the properties Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate represents multi-family style horse properties with over 15 acres. A gorgeous main house and in-law quarters are also a win for large families who value gathering for special occasions and lazy afternoons.

Your ranch should include enough space and conveniences to grow into the property. Ask about a horse barn with a coastal field for a ready-to-go horse property. Your residential property for sale West Texas could also include revenue opportunities. Depending on your needs and the type of property you purchase, you may be able to turn an in-law suite into rental income.


Residential Property For Sale West Texas recreationResidential property for sale West Texas can provide the opportunity for recreational space for your favorite past times. Whether you want to ride horses until dusk or go hunting in West Texas, your residential area should make it easy to indulge in your passions.

Some of our residential properties have included over 40 acres of cultivation and 70 acres of CRP with a combination of native pasture and improved grass. With such impressive and expansive acreage, deer and other animals are common. Turn your hunting pastime into a daily ritual with your own recreational property.

Find Residential Property For Sale West Texas

Locating the right residential property for sale West Texas is within reach with the right team to guide you. Ekdahl Nelson has connections and knowledge of the West Texas area and understands our clients’ unique needs. A home isn’t just a place to live but an oasis and refuge from the daily grind.

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate is ready to guide you on this journey and available to show you the best properties that suit your passions and lifestyle. Get in touch today to discuss your dream property.