What to Ask Before Buying Abilene Texas Hunting Land for Sale

If you’re looking to invest in your own Abilene Texas Hunting Land for Sale you need the right property and expectations in mind. Beyond price and location, you also need to consider what will sustain your property and wildlife and ensure a solid ROI whether you want to keep your land for generations or sell it in the future.

What Type of Hunting Land is It? 

house on texas hunting landThe type of land and terrain you’re purchasing will dramatically impact the usability of your Abilene Texas hunting land for sale. You will need dry, level terrain to build on the property or bring along a camper on your hunting trips.

Your land should also be large enough to build on, maintain a deer workshop, or host friends, depending on your goals. It’s also wise to assess what other types of game are visiting your property. You may not be interested in hunting turkeys or ducks just yet, but they may add another food or income source for your hunting property. 

How Far is It From Your Home or Workplace?

If you aren’t going to live on your hunting property year-round, you should consider how far any Abilene Texas hunting land for sale is from your home or workplace. A quick hunt before work may not be possible, depending on how far you have to drive. You may also need to rent a hotel, camp out, or factor in extra money for gas and food if you’re driving several hours to reach your property. 

Evaluate Your Water Source

Consider what’s going on with the water on your property. Is it strictly well or county provided? Will you need to irrigate the property? What about a water source for your deer? A pond or stream on your property helps attract deer and other wildlife, but it could also provide fishing opportunities during the off-season.

In some cases, you may not need a water source on your property. If a nearby stream or a neighbor has water, the wildlife may cross through and provide enough hunting opportunities. However, you may still need to bring in an additional water source to attract enough deer to make it worth the investment.  

Consider Available Food Sources 

deer on deer hunting land for sale in TexasBeyond water, your deer and game need an adequate food source to enjoy living on any Abilene Texas hunting land for sale you consider. Whitetail deer prefer woody plants that are available in Texas year-round.

Ask your local real estate agent if there are leafy vines, brushy vegetation, and overhanging branches to help feed your deer. Nut and fruit trees are also attractive to deer and provide an additional food source for your family. It’s also beneficial to add some eye-catching flowering plants and grassy vegetation.

Do You Need Shelter or Additional Vegetation?

Before purchasing any Abilene Texas hunting land for sale, consider what kind of shelter and additional vegetation is available. Will the deer have a reprieve from the summer heat? Deer need a place to rest without fear and lie comfortably. They prefer the privacy of tall grass, pine trees, and thick brush. Beyond the shelter deer need, adding a deer stand to your property is also necessary to enjoy your favorite pastime. 

Are There Any Easements?

Some rural hunting properties may have existing easements or require one to enjoy the land. For example, you may need to secure an easement to create a path or driveway through someone’s private property to reach your land. Or the property may have an existing easement that allows a neighbor or private company access. Depending on the situation, you may need legal counsel and permits to secure the easement you need.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to find Abilene Texas hunting land for sale, you need a local realtor who understands the market and your long-term investment goals. The team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate is knowledgeable about hunting properties, ranches, farms, single-family homes, and commercial properties. Contact us today to discuss your goals and learn how we can help.