Best Place To Buy Hunting Land

Are you looking for the best place to buy hunting land but need help figuring out where to start? The team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate has worked with hunting enthusiasts, buyers, and sellers for decades and is here to share our best tips. From identifying the ideal game and wildlife to your long-term goals with the property, here’s how to narrow down your choices. Or get in touch, and we’ll send over the latest listings of the best places to start your real estate journey. 

Research the Game and Local Wildlife

Unless you’re an avid hunter who knows the area intimately, it’s a good idea to double-check your information and the hunting season details. The kind of animals you want to hunt will directly shape the best place to buy hunting land. In Texas, the major game animals are white-tailed deer, mule desert, desert bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, squirrel, and hogs.

If you want to buy hunting property in Oklahoma, you’ll also have options for elk and bear. However, not all areas of Oklahoma will accommodate your hunting goals. Black bear hunting in the state is only allowed during archery and muzzleloader seasons in the areas south of Interstate 40 and east of U.S. 69 with a proper permit.

Decide if You Want to Live on Your Hunting Property Year-Round

Some hunting land is ideally suited for camping, RV parking, or a small cabin. Other properties serve multiple purposes as a ranch and farm, complete with a single-family home and deer workshops in place. If you plan to build a home on the property one day, make sure it will accommodate your long-term vision. In the meantime, it should be comfortable enough to camp on until then and support your dreams of hunting.

Consider Distance from Home or Work

The best place to buy hunting land often comes down to convenience. If you’re using the land part-time, ensure it’s within a short drive from your home. Hopping in the car and driving for hours every weekend gets old quickly. Or, if you plan to live on the property, check on the distance to work. Your land may be in a rural area, but will the drive to work cut through traffic and congested areas during rush hour?

Look at the Terrain

The best hunting land to buy should offer hospitable terrain for wildlife. White-tailed deer need shade and shrubby brush to nibble on. Feral hogs enjoy moist bottomlands and live near rivers, creeks, streams, and marshy areas. They also prefer hiding out in dense vegetation to protect them from danger and extreme temperature changes. The terrain should also be suitable for setting up a deer stand or other structures to sustain your favorite pastime. 

Make Sure There’s a Viable Water Source

Wildlife and game need an ample water source to come and stick around, but a small stream or pond is sufficient. If the neighbors around you have water sources, wildlife may pass through and provide opportunities for hunting. Or, if you want to build on the land, you also need to ensure the water source will be sufficient for you and your family. It’s essential to work with a realtor knowledgeable in the area you want to buy hunting property to help you determine the best investment for you.

Think About Leasing Your Land to Hunters

Buy Hunting Land in Texas - Ekdahl Nelson Real EstateThe best hunting property should offer a good return on your investment. Whether you want it to appreciate over the years or want to lease out the land and earn income right away, we can help. The team at Ekdhal Nelson Real Estate can do a valuation or pull comps of the area to figure out what makes the most sense for your financial goals. We can also help identify properties that may already hold existing hunting leases, which means less work for you in the long run.

Why Work with Ekdahl Real Estate?

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