What You Need To Know Before Buying Residential Property in Eastland County

Residential Property in Eastland County Texas

Find history in Eastland County in Central Texas! Eastland County is known for its history as it was first inhabited in 1850. But besides its notable history, Eastland County has a lot to offer residents. Here’s what you need to know before Buying Residential Property Eastland County

Eastland County History

Eastland County was first visited by Frank Sánchez, a Mexican American, in the 1850s. And only a mere 8 years later, the county grew to have several families and Eastland County was formed by the Texas legislature. 

Eastland County was named after Captain William Mosby Eastland. He was a member of the Mier Expedition and an unlucky victim of the Black Bean Episode. The Mier Expedition was one of the last raiding expeditions from Texas into Mexico. Mier was the most disastrous of expeditions into Mexico, as most of the group defied orders to return home and moved forward to capture Mexican towns. 

The result of the expedition led to the Black Bean Episode. Eastland was one of the 176 captured Texans being marched from Mier to Mexico City who escaped and was recaptured and sentenced to be executed. It’s called the Black Bean Episode because every 10th man had to be executed and it was a lottery system to be picked. There was a jar filled with 176 beans and seventeen were black beans to signify execution. Captain William Mosby Eastland was one of the unlucky seventeen who pulled a black bean, so he was sentenced to death. 

Eastland County Location and Property

Eastland is near the Dallas and Fort Worth area and covers about 952 square miles. It can easily be reached by many major highways like Interstate 20 which runs from east to west and U.S. 183 from north to south. Other highways that run through Eastland County are state highways 6, 16, 36, 69, and 206. 

Present-day Eastland County is centered around agriculture, which is why you’ll see a lot of properties having acres of land. Eastland County is made up of 8 cities:Residential Property for Sale in Easton County

  1. Carbon
  2. Cisco
  3. Desdemona
  4. Eastland
  5. Gorman
  6. Olden
  7. Ranger
  8. Rising Star

Depending on location, you can easily buy a residential property in Eastland County for under $300,000 with 3-4 bedrooms and properties ranging over 2,000 square feet. What a deal! 

Things To Do For Eastland County Residents

If you’re thinking of buying residential property in Eastland County, you’ll want to check out some of these popular attractions. 

  1. Meghann’s Farmer’s Market for your local fresh food needs 
  2. Park Hill Park and Water Park to cool off in the summer
  3. Eastland County Jailhouse Museum to learn more about Eastland criminals
  4. Eastland County Courthouse to learn the legendary story of Old Rip
  5. Eastland County Museum and Historical Society to learn about the history of the city

Eastland has several museums to match its important history. It also has many parks for families and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.

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