5 Questions To Ask When Buying Deer Hunting Properties For Sale in Texas

If you’re looking into Deer Hunting Properties For Sale Texas you want to make sure you’re buying land with the right expectations. So you’ll want to consider things like water, food source, shelter, and more. Asking these five questions will give you the deer hunting property you desire. 

Question #1: What Type of Deer Hunting Land Is It?

Depending on the land and your intention for purchasing the deer hunting property, you’ll want to know the terrain of the land. If you’re planning on building a cabin or bringing a camper on the property, then you’ll want dry and level terrain. You’ll also want to find a good location near the road so you don’t scare away the wildlife. 

While hunting deer may be the primary reason for buying property in Texas, you might have other critters on the land too. With deer hunting property, you can have an abundance of ducks, turkeys, and other wild game. This could make for additional hunting opportunities! 

When looking at deer hunting properties for sale in Texas, you’ll want to assess if you want additional outdoor activities on the property. For example, a lake or pond can provide for fishing when hunting isn’t in season. 

deer on deer hunting land for sale in TexasQuestion #2: Are Deer on the Properties for Sale?

Once you have the ideal land picked out, double check that your deer hunting property has deer on it. There’s a difference if the deer only pass through the land or if they live on the property in Texas. You can check for scat, buck scrapes, and deer trails to find the deer. 

As your Ekdahl Real Estate agent, we can work with the seller to find the answers. We know you’re buying deer property for deer hunting, so it’s important to know these things. 

men fishing on deer hunting properties for sale in TexasQuestion #3: Is There Water Nearby?

If there’s water on the deer hunting property, it’s more desirable to have a water feature. Not only can it bring entertainment like fishing or swimming, but it can become a water source for the animals. And more animals on the property means more game for you! Streams, ponds, and lakes are a nice added feature to have on your deer hunting property. 

Looking for a water feature on your deer hunting property in Texas? Contact us!

Question #4: What Are the Food Sources for Local Wildlife on the Deer Hunting Properties?

If you want deer on your property, they need food and water to pass through or live on your land. This ties into our previously mentioned questions above. 

If you want whitetail deer, you’ll need vegetation that attracts them. Whitetails prefer woody plans that are available all year like leafy vines, brushy vegetation, and overhanging branches from trees. But most deer will eat this type of plant life too. 

Deer also eat nuts and berries so having fruit trees and bushes would be a smart investment to attract deer to your property. Lastly, non-woody flowering plants and grassy vegetation will also do the trick. Now that you know what they eat, you can look for deer hunting properties for sale in Texas that match this. Or you can look into properties to add these food plots. 

Question #5: Is There Shelter for Wildlife?

Shelter is another important question to ask when looking into deer hunting properties for sale in Texas. Shelter is a need for deer so they can rest without fear. This means properties with tall grass, swamps, pine trees, or thick brush would be the perfect shelter for deer. 

If you need help sorting through deer hunting properties for sale in Texas, contact us! We’d be happy to find the perfect deer hunting property for you!