Earn an Income and Have Some Hunting Fun By Purchasing a Deer Hunting Ranch in Texas

Texas is known for its deer hunting. In fact, it has the largest population of white-tailed deer. About 5.3 million whitetailed deer live in 252 of 254 Texas counties. And if you’re looking for a way to make some money while also having some hunting fun, consider buying Deer Hunting Ranches Texas.

Why Should I Buy a Deer Hunting Ranch in Texas?

The most obvious benefits include an extra source of income and having your own land to hunt from. And each of those has more benefits attached. 

A Deer Hunting Ranch as an Investment

When you purchase land intended for recreational use, not only are you gaining an investment, but you can claim tax deductions. Schedule A lets you deduct certain investment expenses as personal itemized deductions. The most common deduction is interest paid on money borrowed to purchase the land. 

Plus, purchasing a deer hunting ranch is a great hands-off investment because compared to buying a home, there is a lot less maintenance. This also makes it a more affordable option as you’ll only need to maintain the property for the purpose of deer hunting. That means little to no maintenance. Land is always a good investment because there is only so much land for sale and it’s a natural resource that can’t be replicated. So almost always, land bought for recreational uses will appreciate in value. 

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department claims that deer hunting creates about $1.2 billion in economic output.  Think about how you can cash in on this experience for corporate events and out-of-towners. There are so many workers in Texas and their company wants to provide them with the authentic Texas experience. And what’s more authentic than hunting? The same applies to tourists! What’s more Texan than bringing home some antlers? Name a better souvenir! 

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How Deer Hunting Ranches Make Moneyperson holding hundreds of dollars fanned out

Deer hunting ranches in Texas can make money in two ways. The first is charging hunters a daily guide fee. This fee ranges between $200 and $300. The second fee is a “kill fee”. This varies as it depends on the rating a deer receives from the Boone and Crockett rating system. The rating system assigns a score on the size and configuration of the deer’s antlers. The starting kill fee is about $1,500. 

If that sounds outrageous to you, the data proves otherwise. The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service analyzed national hunting license data. They found Texas was number one for the most sold licenses at over 1 million in 2018. And the Texas Park and Wildlife Department estimates those permit owners hunt about 430,000 to 500,000 whitetails annually. Over 827,000 whitetail deer were hunted in the 2021-2022 season. 

hunting with friends and family

Have Your Own Deer Hunting Ranch Every Season

Another benefit to owning a deer hunting ranch in Texas is having your own hunting land to come back to every season. Never stress about having to make nice with a property owner and paying to use their land again. Instead, you’ll have your own land you can bring your friends and family too. So not only will you save money since you’ll only need your hunting permit, you can create new memories with the important hunting people in your life! When you have your own recreational land you can use it for all your outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and hunting.

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Why Choose Ekdahl Real Estate to Buy Your Deer Hunting Ranch in Texas?

If all these benefits sound good to you and your wallet, contact Ekdahl Real Estate! We know hunting is a large factor our clients look for in properties. Our experience and knowledge of Texas and deer hunting ranches can help you find the perfect ranch for you. We take you from the first step of the buying process to closing and beyond! We’re a resource for you, not just through the process but also after. We’re happy to provide additional resources and recommendations to help create your perfect deer hunting ranch.