House For Sale Abilene TX

Searching for a House for Sale Abilene TX is more than just checking over the latest listings. You also need a knowledgeable real estate team with decades of experience in the West Texas area. Our Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate agents live, play, and work in the communities we represent and foster deep connections in the area. We offer more than a transactional experience, but a boutique real estate experience that treats our clients like part of our family. Get started looking for your dream home with some essential tips to find the best Abilene property for you.

Budget vs. Turnkey Amenities

abilene texas home - Home Valuation West Texas - .webpOne of the first steps in finding a house for sale Abilene TX is considering your budget and how it impacts the property’s condition. For example, plenty of cozy fixer-uppers are perfect for a first-time homebuyer or someone with a small budget who wants to enhance their new home over time. Other homeowners want the best price possible but with all the amenities ready for a turnkey, move-in ready property. Depending on your wish list and priorities, adjusting your budget up or down can help pinpoint ideal homes without compromising on which priorities matter the most to you.

Age of the Home

Paying attention to the age of a home is an essential part of the real estate buying process. If owning a newer home is vital to you, make sure to consider the big picture. For example, a ten or fifteen-year-old home may look great but have imminent repairs associated with its age, including roof and appliance replacement. Meanwhile, an older home may need some TLC and a boost of curb appeal but have a new life with a recent roof, flooring, and other upgrades. 

Ability to Hunt or Farm

West Texas has wide open spaces, hunting grounds, and farming. You can maximize your real estate search by considering your long-term goals and wish list. Whether you want to hunt for your supper or start a hobby farm, our team can help you find the right area for you. Some of our Abilene homes are also situated on expansive ranches, making the most of your dream lifestyle with room to expand. 

Proximity to Amenities

Abilene is known for its culture, dining, shopping, and recreation. You can live right in town and take advantage of what the city offers just minutes from your doorstep. Or you can live on the outskirts of town for more privacy and quiet but still have everything you want a few miles away. Talk to the Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team about what you’re looking for and your ideal lifestyle. For example, if you love peaceful mornings followed by a trip into town, we can help identify a property that meets your expectations.

Long-Term ROI

You may never want to leave your dream home, but considering its long-term ROI is still vital. A suitable property should hold its value and return or grow your investment. If you ever find yourself needing to relocate suddenly or hope to pass down your property to your family, you want it to be a blessing and not a burden you’re trying to unload. Fortunately, most homes in the Abilene TX, area are appreciating and retain a solid and appreciating ROI. However, a home that needs significant structural repairs or is located in a problematic area could pose an issue a few years down the road.

Can I Build A Home in Abilene?

Yes! Whether you’re looking for a custom-built home or a small guest house on your property, we can help you find a suitable property. We also have a network of experts and professionals in the area we can recommend or discuss your long-term strategy for the property. For example, you may want to live on it now in a mobile home while building your dream home. It’s also vital to check for variances, on-site utilities, and soil quality that could impact how you can use your property. 

Why Work with Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate?

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate is a leader in the West Texas real estate community and specializes in providing clients with an exceptional buying or selling experience. We’ve been serving clients in the wide-open spaces of West Texas since 1980 and work with the same clients again and again. We would love to help you find a house for sale Abilene TX. Contact us today to discuss your dream property.