3 Things to Know Before Buying Hunting Land For Sale in Texas

hunting land for sale in texas

Buying hunting land for recreational use and personal use is a big step up for Texas hunters. Instead of relying on a landowner to play nice with and follow their rules, you can create your own rules now! If you’re planning on buying hunting land in Texas this year, here are the 3 things you need to know beforehand about the process of buying hunting land. 

determining budget for buying hunting land for sale in texas1. Determine Your Budget Earlier Than Later

When people buy hunting land for sale, it’s mostly used for recreational and personal use. So it’s important to determine your budget early on in the process. Hunting land in Texas should be used for fun and not become a financial hardship. 

Unfortunately, most traditional banks don’t finance purchasing a recreational property. So if you want to use a loan to buy the hunting land, you’ll need to seek out specific lenders. It’s why knowing your budget is important, especially when you need a lender. The other option is to find a seller who offers financing. 

A more fun option would be to invest in hunting land with close friends or partners. Not only is this smarter for your wallet if you need help reaching the funds for the hunting land, but there are advantages to owning hunting land with friends. One advantage is being able to choose hunting land for sale with a higher price tag. This increases the options of what recreational lands are for sale in Texas. If you want to buy the land with close friends or partners, make sure you discuss the following:

Another factor to consider is the down payment. Down payments can range from 20-50% of the purchase price. With a number this big, it’s wise to plan out in advance how you will pay for it. Are you going to use your savings? Will you adjust your budget in order to save? 

Ekdahl Real Estate can help you find the perfect hunting land for sale in Texas that fits your budget. Contact us today

2. Choose the Right Location in Texas

Location, location, location is a well-known saying for a reason. This is especially true for purchasing Hunting Land for Sale Texas. You don’t want hunting land that’s too close to the city, but also not extremely far from your home. Ideally, the hunting land would make for a great day trip. 

This is where your Ekdahl Real Estate team member can help! As part of the buying process with Ekdahl, we know the right questions to ask to determine what your ideal property is. Then we evaluate our database and off-the-market listings to put together a list of properties we believe best suits your goals. Together, we can look for ideal hunting lands nearby your home. We’ll also factor in the location of hotels and motels if you’re not wanting to build on the land or purchase hunting land with housing. 

area around hunting land for sale in texas3. Know the Area Around the Hunting Land For Sale

Knowing more than just the location of the hunting land is important. Before making the purchase, look into:

Again, your Ekdahl Real Estate team can help you find the perfect land. We’ll look at these factors together to determine the right hunting land in Texas that fits your land and financial needs. 

One technique to determine the right hunting land for sale is to look at where you already hunt. Ekdahl Real Estate can create a list of the hunting land for sale in Texas near where you currently hunt since you already know this area.

Ready to Buy Hunting Land for Sale in Texas?

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