Hunting land for sale Jones County

Turn your dream of owning Hunting Land for Sale Jones County into a reality. You’ll enjoy catching your dinner, spend quiet days on your own property, and relax while the value appreciates. Best of all, you can pass down your hunting land through the generations or decide to build on it and turn it into your primary residence.

If your’e not ready to build, you can also consider investing in an RV or building a deer workshop to clean and prep your game. Camping out under the stars on your own hunting land is also an easy way to enjoy your property right away.

What Types of Game Roam in Jones County?

Residential Land For Sale Scurry County deerWhite-tailed deer entices hunters to Jones County, but you’ll also find other game available, including duck, quail, wild turkey, dove, and rails. If you love the idea of being self-sufficient, a hunting property is an invaluable investment.

A single 150 to 160 pound deer feeds a family of four for months. You can make deer sausage, burgers, steaks, and more from a single deer and turn the rest into jerky and other snacks. You’ll enjoy peace of mind with your own year-round food source.

What You Know Before Buying a Hunting Property

There are a few things to consider before buying a hunting property in Jones County. First, make sure that wildlife currently lives on the property or regularly passes through. They’ll also need a reliable food and water source and shady areas to cool off or hide from predators. If the hunting property is sparse, it may not attract the wildlife you’re looking for to make t worth your time and money.

It’s also wise to consider what the neighbors are doing. Do they use shotguns or bows and arrows? How close does their property encroach on your water and food source? Even if they live a mile away from your property, it’s worth exploring if they’re also avid hunters. 

A little research and time touring the property help determine whether or not it’s the investment you’re looking for. But you also need a local realtor with deep connections in Jones County and the surrounding area. Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate is more than a boutique real estate firm; we also specialize in ranches and hunting property and nurture long-standing relationships in our community. We share or source the information and insights you need to make the best purchasing decision for you.

Turn Your Hunting Land Into an Investment

If you’re wondering if owning hunting land in Jones County is worth it, consider the long-term investment. Land appreciates over time, but you don’t have to wait that long to see a return on your investment. You can also turn the property into land intended for recreational use and enjoy the tax deduction. 

Talk to your CPA in advance about how to best handle your taxes for your hunting property. In most situations, your Schedule A should allow you to deduct certain investment expenses from your personal itemized deductions. In fact, the interest on the money you borrow to purchase land is usually a standard tax deduction. 

If you’ve thought about owning a rental property before, you know it’s a hands-on investment that requires maintenance and managing renters. Hunting land Jones County works differently. You only need to maintain the property for deer or game hunting and could potentially rent it out for recreational use.

Out-of-town tourists and guests looking for an authentic Texas experience are eager to enjoy a day of hunting. Whether you partner with existing tours or promote one of your own, you can offer your own deer-hunting ranch experience. Consider adding a fully outfitted mobile home or small property to accommodate visitors and earn even more from your investment.

Data from the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service shows that Texas leads in hunting licenses, with over 1 million in 2018. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department estimates those permit owners hunt about 430,000 to 500,000 whitetails annually, with over 827,000 whitetail deer hunted in the 2021-2022 season. You can charge up to $300 for a daily guide fee, plus another $1,500 for a kill fee, depending on Boone and Crockett’s score relating to the size of the deer’s antlers. 

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Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate are leaders in the West Texas market, with properties ranging from hunting land in Jones County to ranches and single-family homes. We provide world class service by living out our company’s core values, thrive on providing extra services, and working hard to understand your needs and desires to get the deal closed.

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