Hunting Properties Shackelford County

Texas is well-known for its hunting opportunities, and the opportunity is no less in Shackelford County. Located in driving distance to Dallas and just a few short miles away from both Stamford and Abilene, Shackelford County offers a scenic, slower way of living while still being close to plenty of exciting activity. The county offers something for everyone—but it is an especially great option for hunting enthusiasts!

West Texas Farm and Ranch for hunting

Why Buy A Hunting Property in Shackelford County

As hunting is a legal activity in the state of Texas, many people flock to the state to enjoy the hunting season. Shackelford County is known for its wide assortment of deer, turkey, quail, hogs, and predatory animals. The area also offers the perfect landscape for hunting, with ample vegetation that will help provide cover for you during your pursuit.

The benefits don’t stop there. Are you interested in purchasing a hunting property in Shackelford County? Read on to learn more about why this location could be right for you.

The Right Price

Shackelford County has an affordable cost of living. As of 2022, the median home listing price in the county is $169.9K. Hunting enthusiasts can find large plots of land that offer vegetation, water features, and on-site residences—and all for the right price!

The affordable pricing is especially noteworthy considering Shackelford County’s proximity to popular towns like Abilene and busy cities like Dallas. Buyers can enjoy an easy drive anywhere in Texas, while also enjoying the affordability and “small-town” atmosphere of the county itself.

Increase Your Return on Investment 

By purchasing a hunting property, you can enjoy increased chances to build a return on your investment (ROI). Many people are in pursuit of large areas of rich, dynamic land that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else in the United States.

The affordability of the county can also open up room in your budget for other additions. You might consider adding a full-time residence on the property, a game prep area, a workshop, or even combined ranching facilities to make it possible for you to raise cattle and livestock.  These additions will help increase the value of your hunting property.

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Live Your Texas Dream 

There is certainly something special about the Texas way of life, which is why people from all around the world have settled down in the Lone Star State. Whether you are looking for a holiday residence to enjoy an occasional hunting weekend, or you are looking for a full-time home on your hunting land, look no further than Shackelford County.

Buyers will enjoy renowned hunting opportunities, the chance to own a large parcel of land for the right price, and the perfect combination of slow-paced country living with easy access to all amenities and fun activities. With Hunting Properties Shackelford County you will get to live your Texas dream.

Take Advantage of the Opportunity of the Land

The landscape in Shackelford County is ideal for hunters. Water areas like stock tanks and creeks will provide plenty of cover as you pursue your game. The abundant vegetation will help provide cover for you as well, but it serves another purpose as well! Since animals will have plenty of vegetation to feed on throughout the year, they will grow larger and make for a more satisfying hunt.

Deer hunting Texas

Don’t miss out on a great hunting location. Take advantage of the many opportunities provided by the land in Shackelford County.

Why Ekdahl Nelson is the Right Choice

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With Ekdahl Nelson, you’ll be assisted through the real estate process with care and personalized attention. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a long-term investment for your family, we can help the hunting property that is right for you.

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