The Six Ingredients For The Perfect Hunting Ranch for Sale in West Texas

If you’re considering buying a hunting ranch for sale in West Texas, there are a few things your property should have to make it the perfect hunting ranch. As your Ekdahl Real Estate agent, we’ll help you find the perfect hunting ranch with these key ingredients and more!

Ingredient #1: Indications of Wildlife

If you’re buying a hunting ranch for hunting, you want to ensure there’s wildlife on the property. Some indications of wildlife include animal tracks and scat. Besides seeking out the wildlife, you’ll want to assess the Hunting Ranch For Sale West Texas for diversity. Because the more diverse the land is means there will be more opportunities for hunting. The land should have briars, shrubs, weeds, grass, and hardwoods to attract all kinds of wildlife. 

Ingredient #2: Amount of Acreage

We mentioned the quality of acreage, but quantity is important too. For it to be a proper hunting ranch, you’ll want several acres of hunting land. The type of wildlife you want to hunt (white-tailed deer is most popular in Texas, so we’ll assume deer), how you hunt the deer, and how many hunters you bring on the land with you will determine the number of acres you should buy. If it’s just you and a partner hunting with rifles, you should buy at least 25 to 50 acres. But if you opt for a bow as your tool of choice, you don’t need as much land. 

Ingredient #3: Woods and Water

Keeping with deer hunting land, you’ll want to a hunting ranch for sale in West Texas with woods and water. Having both of those is what will attract deer and keep them on your land. The woods and water provide shelter, food, and bedding for the deer. Plus, you’ll need to ensure these resources are accessible for the deer. Because the more accessible is it, it means the more accessible the deer will be too. 

Ingredient #4: The Neighboring Land

When buying a hunting ranch for sale, you’ll want to make sure it’s by other hunting properties. If you’re buying a hunting ranch specifically for deer hunting, you’ll want to hear from the neighbors if they have deer on their property. As your Ekdahl Real Estate agent, we can look into this for you. We’ll utilize our local connections to ensure your hunting ranch is everything you want!

Ingredient #5: Hiding Places

Hiding Places on hunting ranch for sale in west texasHunting isn’t hunting without hiding places to stake out! Your hunting ranch should have hiding places for you and your hunting buddies to be unseen by the deer. This makes it easier to hunt the deer when you’re hiding in plain sight. Hunting land with hills on the property is a great location for hiding. 

Ingredient #6: Access Points

Having a good hiding spot and access points are important for hunting. Once you start hunting deer on the property, the deer will catch onto where the danger is. This means if you hunt the deer in the same direction or same locations, the deer will start to avoid the area to avoid the anger. To counteract this, you need several access points to avoid a pattern for an attack. This will increase the likelihood of a successful and eventful hunt. 

Buying A Hunting Ranch For Sale in West Texas

Finding the perfect hunting land can be a challenge, but the Ekdahl Real Estate team is here to help! Part of the Ekdahl Buying Process includes understanding your goals to find you the perfecting hunting ranch. Then we show you properties that best suit your goals. We’re experts in finding hunting ranches for sale in West Texas. We know the landscape and the people to find the perfect hunting ranch. Contact us today