Land For Sale Abilene TX

Are you dreaming about finding Land For Sale Abilene Tx to fulfill your real estate goals? Whether you want to build a home or find a property for hunting, Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can help you find the best property to meet your needs. Before you start the land-buying process, here’s what to know and how to find the perfect lot for you.

Water Source

A readily available water source is integral to finding Land for Sale Abilene TX. If you’re not connected to city or county water lines, you need to find out if there’s a well on-site. However, it’s also critical to verify whether or not it’s safe to drink and is free from coliform bacteria and nitrates, as well as its pH levels. Otherwise, look into the availability and cost of a private water source that delivers to your property. You may need to install additional tanks and have a per-minimum gallon order to service your property.

A good water source is essential for you and your family but is also necessary if you want to use your land as a hunting property. White-tail deer and other game need fresh water to sustain on your property. Ranching or farming on your land will also require enough water for you, your livestock, and your crops.

Soil Depth and Composition

Whether you want a simple garden or a thriving farm, soil depth and composition matter when it comes to land for sale Abilene TX. You’ll need carbon-rich soil to make it work and deep enough to sustain heavy rains. However, if your land is dry and rocky, you’ll need to improve the soil quality to support your desired growth. The trade-off may be worth the extra effort, but make sure your investment aligns with your expectations and budget.

Room to Build

Dreams of building a home requires enough room to sustain a thriving property and any extras, such as a shed or pool. You may want to live near town and quality schools or decide your main priority is enough land to sustain a ranch and hunt comfortably. The Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate team can work with you to determine which land for sale Abilene TX is sustainable for your needs.

Proximity to Town

Abilene is rich with history, culture, dining, shopping, and entertainment that attracts newcomers. Some people prefer to live within a short distance to enjoy area amenities without living in the middle of it all. It’s also possible to find land for sale Abilene TX which is more rural with privacy from neighbors and commercial foot traffic.

Utility Access

West Texas boasts wide, open spaces and opportunities for homeowners and landlords. However, not every area offers the utility access you may want. For example, if you plan to build, you need both electric and wireless to keep your home up and running or while working remotely. Depending on the area, utility companies will likely charge you for every foot they extend a line to offer coverage throughout your property. It’s essential to ask for an estimate to determine whether or not it’s worth the effort and extra investment.

Available Cash

Not all banks and credit unions offer land loans or may require a high down payment for the property. Other financial institutions specialize in land loans and may be able to work with you to find a suitable interest rate. In other cases, and is owned by a builder planning to build spec houses on the property. These builders often have existing relationships with banks with favorable loan terms or will finance directly to their buyers. Regardless of how you finance your land purchase, the more cash you have on hand, the easier the process and faster things will move towards a successful closing.

Ongoing Costs

abilene ranch - Home Valuation West Texas - Ekdahl Nelson Real EstateIf you plan to buy land for sale Abilene and hold it, your costs are primarily property taxes and any necessary upkeep. However, if you plan to build, farm, ranch, or hunt on the property, you’ll need to consider everything from utilities to maintaining the land. When it comes to ranching, there are always fences to repair, livestock to tend to, and daily chores that fill much of the day. Make sure you’ve planned for the costs of using the land as you intend and not just paying your loan.

Long-Term ROI

You may have dreams of holding onto your land and passing it down through the generations, but it’s still essential to consider its long-term ROI. If you buy land for sale Abilene, you need to consider if it will hold its value or even increase your investment over time. Even if you have yet to make plans to sell it anytime soon, owning land near a busy road or holding no viable opportunity to hunt or build a home can all impact its value. Should you ever need to sell the property in an emergency or your plans change, you don’t want to face a struggle to find a suitable buyer.

Buy Land For Sale Abilene TX

Before you buy land for sale Abilene TX, you need the right real estate team to represent your best interests. Whether you want a place to hunt and relax on weekends or become a legacy for your family, we’re here to help. The Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate are leaders in the West Texas area and are hunters ourselves. Contact us today to discuss your needs and take the next steps to find the best land possible for you.