Land For Sale Taylor County

Finding the best land for sale Taylor County requires an ideal situation to develop your forever home, create the ranch you’ve always wanted, or hunt on your own property. You can also choose your own piece of land to pass down through the generations or use it immediately to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. The team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate is here to help! We pride ourselves on the best service and listings in West Texas and beyond.

Before you start your search for Land For Sale Taylor County here’s what to consider.


Land for sale Jones County offers versatility to live your best life. Whether you want a full-sized ranch, hunting property, or empty lot to build, Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate is here to find the ideal property for you. You can also choose from city living near Abilene’s best amenities or a more rural and secluded setting. 

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Build Your Home

You may not want to build a home on your new land right away, but it’s important to think about your long-term goals. Or if you’re going to hunt, you also need to ensure your property has the space and wildlife you want. Another option is parking an RV or other temporary structure to enjoy living on the property right away. However, if you plan to eventually sell the property, it’s also essential to consider the ROI and ability to sell again.

Before you invest in land for sale in Taylor County, Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate agents can help determine if there are any restrictions on the land, how easy it will be to build, and what the vegetation and water sources are like on the property. 

Land Easements

Not all land is a good investment, even at an incredible price. Whether or not you can build and how you use a new property is also contingent on any existing easements. An easement is a legal right to access or use someone else’s property, however, that isn’t always a dealbreaker. 

For example, utility companies sometimes hold an “Easement in Gross” to maintain power lines. The access from your property could keep your power on and the house comfortable during harsh weather. Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can assist in determining local zoning laws and any challenges to consider.

Long-Term ROI and Value

Finding a great deal on land for sale Taylor County may feel too good to pass up. Unfortunately, not all purchases hold onto their long-term value. The location, development plans in the area, and any complicated history of the site could all impact your property’s long-term value and ability to sell it one day in the future. 

You may decide it’s all worth it to watch the sunset over your land. Just make sure you understand the full scope of your investment and whether or not you can use the property the way you want.

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Why Move to Taylor County?

Taylor County, Texas, is home to 138,034 people. Abilene is its county seat and is home to dining, museums, the Abilene Zoo, theater, and art. The county also offers plenty of opportunities to hunt and live in a rural area with plenty of space for your and your family. For example, only a few dozen people live in the town of Impact for a quiet lifestyle in a tight-knit community.

Why Choose Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate?

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate is a West Texas real estate leader specializing in providing clients with an exceptional buying or selling experience. We’ve been serving clients in the wide-open spaces of West Texas since 1980 and work with the same clients again and again. We would love to help you find your land for sale Taylor County. Contact us today to discuss your dream property.