Patterson Ranch Land for Sale

Are you looking for the perfect Patterson Ranch Land for Sale? The right property should sustain your lifestyle and goals and serve as a valuable investment for you and your family. Work with one of Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate’s experienced agents specializing in the best ranch listings in the area. As you start your real estate journey, here’s what to consider and how to find the perfect property for you.


Location is among the most critical aspects of buying Patterson ranch land for sale. You want a property that’s secluded enough to feel like your own but not so far from family, friends, work, and amenities that you feel isolated. Our knowledgeable real estate agents can help you weigh your options and identify an area in Patterson or the outskirts that meets or exceeds your expectations.


When it comes to buying Patterson ranch land for sale, most people want privacy and a space to call their own. A ranch situated near a road may work fine for your needs, provided it’s not a thorough road to a busy area. You may also want a ranch close enough to town to enjoy spending time with neighbors. Or you might opt for a gated driveway a mile from your front door to enjoy optimal privacy. The team at Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate can help determine the best option for you and your family. 


Ranches take upkeep and ongoing care to maintain their integrity. To fulfill your real estate goals, you may need fences, pens, livestock areas, deer stands, and hunting workshops. A ranch with turnkey updates and structures will also command a higher price and could impact your decision. If you’re looking for value while sticking to your budget, an experienced real estate agent may be able to negotiate a better price or ask for property updates as part of your purchase.

Leases and Easements

Before you explore Patterson ranch land for sale, you’ll need to consider if there are any leases or easements on the property. The current lease may still be a win for some buyers looking for an immediate income stream. Some ranch owners may want to lease the land back to wrap up projects.

Easements are also a consideration when researching your next property. Ranches may come with conservation easements, or a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and an easement holder where the landowner imposes permanent restrictions on how the property is used. The easement may work well for your needs, but requires some research before entering into a contract.

Motorized Recreation

Do you enjoy off-roading and cruising over your property with an ATV? Your ranch should have suitable terrain, trails, and a space for a safe but exciting ride. The ranch should also be large enough to put some distance between you and your home or hunting workshop. You want a recreational area away from crops, livestock, and structures to avoid damage and still make the most of an adventure right on your property. 

Livestock Capacity

If you plan to raise livestock on your ranch, you need to know the livestock capacity and what it can hold. As a general rule of thumb, you need about an acre and a half per cow, but it also depends on the pasture and other animals you plan to raise. An area for a pen, barn, or room to roam is also a necessary part of a ranching lifestyle. A real estate agent specializing in Patterson ranch land for sale can help identify spacious properties that accommodate your livestock.

Hunting and Fishing

Your ranch should sustain your hobbies and create opportunities to feed your family and make new memories. Patterson ranch land for sale could include deer, turkey, quail, and other wildlife that enjoy grazing on your property. Or a stocked pond or stream could provide the perfect opportunity to catch your evening’s dinner. 

Water Sources

Whether you plan to hunt or raise livestock, you need a quality water source to sustain your ranch. A pond or stream is ideal, but it’s possible to explore new irrigation or a third-party water supplier to meet your needs. Growing crops on your ranch will require an ongoing water supply to beat back the Texas heat and keep your soil hydrated. The costs of bringing in water could dramatically raise your operating costs, making it essential to find Patterson ranch land for sale that accommodates your goals.

However, if you only plan to hunt, you may be able to skip the water source, provided there’s one nearby. Neighboring properties with plenty of water may attract wildlife that passes through your property as they roam. 

Find Patterson Ranch Land for Sale

Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate helps clients navigate their real estate journey with a boutique experience and hands-on approach. We love serving our clients and helping them connect with the wide-open spaces of West Texas since 1980. Ready to find Patterson ranch land for sale? Contact us today to discuss your dream property.