What to Look for in a Stamford Real Estate Agent

If you’re looking for a Stamford Real Estate Agent there’s more to do than sign on and get ready to buy or list a property. Instead, you need a realtor vested in your interests, cares about your success and exceeds your expectations. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some questions to ask your agent for a successful real estate experience.

How Well Do You Know Stamford?

A good real estate agent specializes in the area you’re looking to buy or sell a property. Beyond fully understanding the comparables and trends in the area, they should also have deep roots in the community. When realtors live, work, and raise families in the general area you’re looking in; they’re vested in the community personally and professionally.

How Will You Help Me Find the Best Deal?

Your Stamford real estate agent helps you find the best deal possible, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. They’re creative problem solvers who know how to structure the best deal or how to negotiate. For example, an older home may be an ideal choice for your price point, provided the repairs and refreshes are minimal. Or your real estate agent may advise expanding your budget for a complete turnkey property and seamless transaction.

Changes in interest rates can also impact your real estate experience. But whether it’s a buyer or seller’s market, you still need the best deal possible. Ask your realtor for examples of how they’ve helped clients solve their real estate problems and what to expect from their service. 

What Is Your Preferred Communication Style?

Realtors should offer actionable, focused information, but their communication styles may differ. Ask how often they communicate with clients, what hours they’re available if they use text or prefer to call, and how long it takes to get back to clients.

Let the realtor know if you prefer a different communication style or frequency. A quality realtor respects their clients and stays open-minded to offering the best customer service experience possible.

What Is Your Business Philosophy?

Business philosophies can illustrate what to expect from your Stamford real estate agent. Your agent may talk about exceeding customer expectations, embracing creative challenges, or honoring the integrity of their word and promises.

It’s also wise to tell your realtor what experience you’re looking for. Even if their business philosophy doesn’t align with your expectations, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a productive working relationship. Explain your preferences, including more transparency or specific updates during your real estate experience.

Tell Me What Your Clients Like About You

Sparkling reviews are always nice to have when it comes to finding a Stamford real estate agent. But it’s more important to consider what these clients are actually saying. Do they like the agent’s integrity? Their fast turn-around time on questions and handling issues? If you read online reviews, pay attention to what the client likes about the realtor.

Beyond online reviews, you can also ask your real estate agent what their clients like about them. The agent is likely to point out things they also take pride in as a realtor and the client experiences they offer. 

Will You Represent My Interests?

Your Stamford real estate agent may represent both sellers and buyers. Depending on the situation, they may also represent two clients with conflicting interests. For example, one client may be looking for the best possible sales price for their home while the other client s looking for the lowest price to buy that property. Make sure your real estate agent represents your interests.

What Is Your Real Estate Team Like?

Some independent realtors with a small team are well worth your time and investment. But you could miss out on the unlimited resources, and connections a cohesive real estate team offers.

Other realtors on the team will have deep insights into other properties, know about upcoming listings, and support their fellow agents. The more resources you have when buying or selling a property in Stamford, the better. 

Ready to Find a Stamford Real Estate Agent?

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