Tanner Cadra was raised in Wheeler County, Texas, and is now building a life rooted in ranching just as his family has done for generations. Since 1907, his family has been ranching in Wheeler County. With a love for ranching engrained at an early age, Tanner is now building a career serving the ranching community in every way.

After graduating from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s in plant and soil science, Tanner went to work for the United States Department of Agriculture – National Resource Conservation Service as a certified project planner. He decided to diversify his career by leaving the agency and starting an agricultural consulting business focusing on improving land for cattle production and wildlife management. He is also a licensed insurance agent specializing in pasture, rangeland, and forage (PRF) rainfall insurance. In 2023, he added real estate agent to his trades to better serve the ranching community.Tanner’s experience with ranching, agriculture consulting, drought insurance, and real estate allows him to serve his clients in a unique and advantageous way. His clients will be able to get the most from their investments with his knowledge and expertise guiding them through the process.Additionally, Tanner can offer expert advice on what makes an ideal ranch property and how to improve it to its fullest potential. Overall, Tanner hopes to make his client’s transactions less of a worry and more stress-free, in addition to making it a profitable investment. With every transaction, you can expect respect and integrity from Tanner. He believes a man’s word is all he has, so you can count on his.Tanner is active in his community of Wheeler County and Shamrock. He has served with the Shamrock Volunteer Fire Department since 2018 and is working to obtain his basic EMT certification to better serve his community.
Organization: Shamrock